Democrats react to Haley announcement with both barrels

Locally, and nationally, Democrats rushed to heap scorn upon Gov. Nikki Haley as she announced her re-election campaign today. From the Vincent Sheheen campaign:

Dear Brad, Today in Greenville Nikki Haley will take the stage with governors from three other states as she officially announces her re-election campaign.  She’s bringing in people from outside of South Carolina because it’s hard to find three people who actually live and work in the Palmetto State who think she deserves a second term.

But those three governors are bringing with them thousands of dollars from out-of-state interests for Haley’s campaign….

And from the Democratic National Committee:

Later today, Governors Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, and Rick Perry will descend on South Carolina in an effort to boost the reelection chances of their embattled colleague, Governor Nikki Haley. In the wake of their 2012 electoral losses, Republicans have looked to their Governors for leadership, calling them in their Autopsy Report “America’s reformers in chief” and claiming they “point the way forward” for the party. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you look at the records of Haley, Jindal, Walker and Perry you can see that not only are these Republican Governors failing to “point the way forward,” they’re taking their states backward, pursuing the same far-right policies that cost Republicans the White House in 2012.

Gov. Haley’s policies have failed hardworking families over and over; during her tenure as Governor, South Carolina is one of the hardest states in the country to earn a living in, is one of the hardest places in the country to live the American dream of economic mobility, and has an unemployment rate higher than 36 other states.

And the colleagues that Haley is bringing in on her behalf are doing no better for their states. Bobby Jindal is currently the least popular Republican Governor in the country. Under Scott Walker, job growth in Wisconsin has lagged behind the nation. And over Rick Perry’s three terms as Governor the unemployment rate has gone up….

Something I wondered about was her decision to launch in the Upstate — rather than, say, in her home county of Lexington. Maybe she felt the need to go someplace where a) people don’t know her as well, and b) they’ll vote for a Republican no matter who it is.

4 thoughts on “Democrats react to Haley announcement with both barrels

  1. Juan Caruso

    “She’s bringing in people from outside of South Carolina because it’s hard to find three people who actually live and work in the Palmetto State who think she deserves a second term.” – The Vincent Sheheen campaign

    Pathetic hyberbole, but exactly what was expected. How much of Sheheen’s $440,000 income is from sources outside of S.C. in support of opposing Haley? What, you never thought of asking the obvious questions?

    When puffery masquerades as substance, only rubes are placid.

  2. Doug Ross

    We’re going to have to sit through 14 months of the Sheheen campaign blaming Haley for anything that is wrong is South Carolina while Sheheen points to his greatest accomplishment over the past four years: Getting more 4 year olds to play with blocks.

    What’s his specific plan for taxes? What’s his specific plan for education? What’s his specific plan to fix all the supposed failures (and there are some) of the Haley administration? He’s got to come up with more than “I will work together” or “Education is important” or “South Carolina can be great again!”.

    When you can’t lead, I guess the alternative is to tear down the other person. He’s got no energy, no leadership skills, no compelling voice for the people of South Carolina.

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