How much WMD is ‘a whole bunch?’

Those who wondered why the Obama administration had been slow, at least before the last few days, to acknowledge that Syria had crossed its red line — or to act (you know, by actually giving rebels those promised arms) when it did own up to it — must not have paid close attention to the specific words that the president used when he drew the line:

We have been very clear to the Assad regime … that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus…

How much WMD is “a whole bunch?” I don’t know. But I think maybe we’ve finally gotten to that point…

6 thoughts on “How much WMD is ‘a whole bunch?’

  1. Bart

    When Obama’s “whole bunch” mark has been met, will he then let us know what he used to assess the content of a “whole bunch”? If the “whole bunch” mark is met, will Obama try to put together a UN coalition to go in and stop Assad? Will he draw another “red line” in the sand and when Assad crosses it, what will he do then? If he does opt for direct intervention through armed confrontation using the UN, what role will the US play in the use of force and to what extent will our soldiers be exposed to another internal war in another ME country? So far the conflict has remained within Syria’s borders and the big players on the international stage have been punching each other on the shoulder, playing the game of “Uncle”. So far, Russia seems to have landed the hardest blows to America’s shoulder.

    We need to stay out of this one unless Assad or the rebels cross the Syrian border and spreads the conflict to other nations. Let the other Arab nations, especially Saudi Arabia, step in and solve their regional problems. Every time America has tried to broker a permanent peace by summits, broker peace through force, or through financial means, it has bitten us on the a$$.

  2. Bryan Caskey

    Some of the terms for multiple animals are fun:
    A Covey of quail
    A Pride of lions
    A Parliament of owls (probably my favorite)

    We need a good term for multiples of WMDs. Here’s what I got:

    An Inspection of WMDs
    A Sanction of WMDs
    An Iraq of WMDs
    A Saddam of WMDs
    A Plague of WMDs

  3. Silence

    A murder of crows,
    an unkindness of ravens,
    a parliament of rooks,
    a gulp of swallows,
    a scream of swifts,
    a pitying of turtledoves,
    a gaggle of geese,
    a pandemonium of parrots,
    A Flock of Seagulls,
    a descent of woodpeckers,
    a plump of moorhens,
    a tittering of magpies,
    a scold of bluejays,
    and a mob of kangaroos.


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