Your Virtual Front Page, Monday, September 9, 2013

Here’s what’s out there:

  1. Kerry Floats a Deal on Arms, and Russia and Syria Seize It (NYT) — I kinda like the way Slate put it: Did John Kerry Just Accidentally Find a Workable Solution for Syria?
  2. Egypt launches assault on militants (The Guardian) — And Israel is cheering them on…
  3. Pitts named Gov. Nikki Haley’s new chief of staff ( — I mentioned this previously. Again, congrats to Ted, and to Nikki for picking him.
  4. Police chief: Zimmerman’s wife won’t press charges even though she said he threatened with gun (AP) — She might want to rethink that.
  5. New Van Gogh painting identified (BBC) — The first one since 1928. Vincent just isn’t cranking ’em out the way he used to…
  6. Are You Ready For Some Controversy? The History Of ‘Redskin’ (NPR) — An interesting read, to help with the mix.

14 thoughts on “Your Virtual Front Page, Monday, September 9, 2013

  1. CJ Watson

    7. UN should reopen Dag Hammarskjold death investigation. Ironic that it comes 50 years after his death, and ten years after the death of Warren Zevon.

  2. Mark Stewart

    Awesome Arial cartoon, again.

    I thought he could have had Kerry and a General drawing those lines, too. That’s just a comment on the topic, not a criticism of the ‘toon.

    1. Doug Ross

      I bet if you spent a year, bud, being hounded by people and having your life threatened on a daily basis, it might cause you to develop some violent tendencies. He’s likely experiencing a serious PTSD situation now.

      1. bud

        Wah, wah, wah! Poor ole George Zimmerman. Come on Doug he had a history of bizarre behavior even before his brutal killing of an unarmed teenager. And now he smacks his wife’s father and she expresses a sense of fear. Really, that’s how you behave after you get acquitted of second degree murder? The guy should thank his lucky stars every minute of every day that he’s not being served up as someone’s bitch in prison. Maybe OJ will need a room mate soon. Those 2 deserve each other.

        1. Doug Ross

          His behavior is consistent with soldiers who have been on the front line for extended periods.

          He is likely broke, paranoid, and depressed.

          1. Mark Stewart

            Doug, you have busted on me for empathizing, or at least trying to understand the guy. I didn’t expect you to delve into his psyche. Since you did, it’s clear now that the guy should be most afraid of himself, don’t you think?

            Divorces are incredibly stressful and heartbreaking situations were just about everyone around one says things they probably regret. But nobody should ever take the threats of a person (especially related to a handgun) under such stress, any stress, lightly. I hope his brother stops tweeting about him and starts getting him the help he clearly needs.

          2. Doug Ross

            I didn’t empathize. I explained. He went through a period of extreme stress for over a year and ongoing fear for his life going forward. Few, if any, people could come through that unfazed. That’s different from speculating on his mindset and racial motivation the night he encountered Travon Martin.

            I don’t empathize with George Zimmerman and hope I never have to.

  3. Doug Ross

    If Putin rescues Obama from his blunders, you know who comes out looking even worse? McCain and Graham. They’re put in the position of calling for war when the Obama and Putin theoretically work out a diplomatic solution. They become even less relevant in the process.

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