Dear Leader and his posse are EVERYWHERE (not)


I enjoyed this little feature on Slate, making fun of North Korea’s supposedly notoriously bad Photoshop skills.

The doctored image above shows Kim Jong-un and his posse “working with Congress to finally iron out a budget deal and get the U.S. government up and running again.”

The one below shows them “working out an international meth purchase with a U.S.-based manufacturer.”


11 thoughts on “Dear Leader and his posse are EVERYWHERE (not)

  1. Silence

    I wanted to Photoshop “Dear Leader” into your picture of the recent Jack Van Loan & Mayor Benjamin summit at Delaney’s, but I got lazy and didn’t do it.

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    The “Breaking Bad” image would have been funnier with the cutline, “working out an international pharmaceutical agreement with a U.S.-based manufacturer.” Which would sound kosher enough to be funny — like something his propagandists would actually say.

    But Photoshop skills and writing skills don’t always go hand in hand…

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