No half measures for Walk for Life: We’re going for $5,000!

Might as well be bold, right?

Last week, we went from exceeding our initial $1,000 goal to topping the $3,000 mark in just two days. Yes, we had some extraordinary help. After Doug Ross had singlehandedly put us over the thousand mark, Bryan Caskey came in and raised almost half of our current total of $3,231.

But I don’t think the well is dry yet. So I just did another Col. Cathcart, and raised our team goal to $5,000.

Sure, it’s a stretch. But we’re well on our way toward the $4,000 mark without any additional effort the last few days on my part. Now, I’m going to take a page from Doug and Bryan and send an appeal out to a lot of my contacts — emphasizing people who may not be regular blog readers — and thereby give a broader audience a chance to chip in.

Basically, I’m going to do what I haven’t really done with y’all yet — get serious, and talk about the real reason I’m a supporter of Walk for Life.

And no, it’s not because my good friend Samuel Tenenbaum nags me about it weekly. It’s because of my wife’s experience as a cancer survivor, as I wrote about back here.

Of course, even if you don’t receive one of these emails, you’re still welcome to give (or give more, or ask your friends to give more). In fact, you’re encouraged to do so.

Just go to this page, and click on “Give Now.” It’s the button over on the right.