Sheheen campaign objects to use of governor’s mansion


I got this release from Andrew Whalen with the Sheheen campaign today.

Of course, if you “sign the petition” expressing your indignation at Nikki Haley using the governor’s mansion for fund-raising, the Sheheen campaign will have your contact info. So they can solicit you for campaign funds. And stuff.

Anyway, here it is:

Nikki Haley is at it again. She and the South Carolina GOP are shamelessly selling access to the Governor’s mansion grounds. This time literally. That’s just wrong.

In a few weeks, Nikki and her friends will be opening the gates and hosting an “exclusive reception” on the grounds — not for official business, but to raise cash to support her re-election.

Listen, if this doesn’t sit right with you, you’re not alone. Seems to me that using the Governor’s mansion grounds for a campaign fundraiser, at best, violates the spirit of the state’s ethics laws. If you agree, add your name to our online petition and tell Nikki Haley that you are tired of her using government property for campaign purposes. Add your name here >>

This isn’t the first time Nikki has blurred the lines of what’s legal in South Carolina – flying campaign staff on state planes, using state vehicles to pick up out-of-state campaign cash, hiding income. The list goes on and on. We deserve better. South Carolina deserves someone who doesn’t have to cover things up or blur lines to preserve their political career.

If you agree it’s time for new leadership in South Carolina, add your name to our online petition right now.

Thanks for standing with us,


Campaign Manager
Sheheen for South Carolina

Also, there’s a blue “contribute” button at the bottom of the email. Just in case…

3 thoughts on “Sheheen campaign objects to use of governor’s mansion

  1. Doug Ross

    I wonder if this falls into the realm that Karen mentioned on the Lee Bright post:

    “When the campaign season heats up seriously, I plan to contact as many candidates as I can, and let them know that I do not appreciate the over-the-top rhetoric, not to mention the ad hominem attacks that have so confused our electorate and paralyzed our nation. ”

    I’d love to go just one week without a paid Sheheen spokesman making some over the top claim about Nikki Haley. Can they not come up with ANYTHING positive about Sheheen? The people of South Carolina know what that have with Nikki Haley. We don’t need manufactured outrage.

  2. mammalwithnoname

    ” South Carolina deserves someone who doesn’t have to cover things up ”

    Things like religious paraphernalia?


    The manufactured outrage has long been in the works. It started with Nikki Haley’s having no religious insignia displayed at “her” home base polling station in the 2010 gubernatorial election (Methodist church); Sheheen’s, if I remember correctly, had crucifixes galore. So already, IMHO, the media was setting her up for Godless Heathen status, while practically deifying Sheheen.

  3. Silence

    What a bunch of whiners. I’m sure no previous governor has had a fundraiser at the governor’s mansion before. Am I right?


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