That’s not a ‘photo.’ It just isn’t…

This is a very, very small thing to let bother me, but it’s Monday morning, so here goes…

It really bugs me that Rally, that web application that lots of political consultants use for their clients these days, is always sending emails that are headlined, “A new photo from (insert name of candidate),” when what it’s calling your attention to isn’t a photograph at all.

Sometimes the main message is text. Other times, it’s some sort of graphic element that may or may not contain a photo, but still is not, strictly speaking, something you would describe as a “photo.”

For instance, today I received a Rally message that said, in the body, “Steve Benjamin posted a new photo about Mayor Steve Benjamin.” And below it, I found the following:


Below that was the following text:

Join me for Harvest Fest at City Roots, one of our last campaign events before the November 5th Election. This Friday at 4PM. Free food a…

Not a photo in sight, except for a tiny thumbnail at the top, which was not “new.”

Does this bother anyone else?

5 thoughts on “That’s not a ‘photo.’ It just isn’t…

  1. Norm Ivey

    Doesn’t bother me any more than calling this wonder-machine which takes pictures, emails, tweets, researches, plays music, movies and TV shows, holds dozens of books, keeps track of all my friends and acquaintances, helps me find my way, and lets me call people simply a “phone”.

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    Back in the early ’90s, I’d sit in my recliner watching the TV, and the phone would ring, and I’d try to answer it by holding my remote to my ear. Or I’d try to change channels clicking on the cordless phone in my hand.

    It occurred to me that I could be rich if I could find the time and resources to develop and market a device that was a phone, a remote control and a calculator.

    That’s as far as my thinking went, but it was still kinda prophetic, don’t you think?

  3. Dave Crockett

    I dunno, Brad….

    Sitting with the remote to your ear and trying to change channels with the cordless phone seems more “pathetic” than “prophetic” to me. 😉

    But then that observation comes from someone who routinely yells at the television, speaks lovingly to his cats, speaks to folks all over the world on his ham radio but rarely speaks to his neighbors and has a wife who’s put up with all that and so very much more for more than 25 years….

    As Silence would observe, “Just sayin’….”

  4. Norm Ivey

    I’m going to be crotchety here.

    I’ve always looked upon the phone as a tool for my convenience–for me to reach out, not so much for others to reach in. I’m the one paying for it, after all. I routinely ignore a ringing phone, especially if I am engrossed in another important activity–say, watching TV or napping. If it’s important, they can leave a message. Most don’t. When we got our first cell phones (and they were still phones), my bride would fuss because I would leave it at home. It wasn’t until the “phone” could do other things for me that I began to keep up with it.

    I physically tense up when I am in a place of business, and someone waiting on me interrupts our business to answer a phone. Why is it when the phone rings, I suddenly become less important?

    And stay off my lawn!

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