You learn something new (about history) every day…


AT&T U-verse offered free Showtime this past weekend, which means I got to see the first episode of the new season of “Homeland.” (SPOILER ALERT: Carrie’s off her meds again. But that probably won’t come as a shock to anyone.)

Anyway, it also meant I got to see “Lincoln” for the second time, and it was just as great as when I saw it in the theater.

But I was a bit puzzled by the synopsis, pictured above, that was provided on my guide.

Fascinating. The whole country seceded? And there were two confederacies, not just one? (Two separate confederacies, just in case you missed the “two” part.) And he “joined the Union” in order to deal with it? What, was he not a part of it before?

You just learn something new every day.

8 thoughts on “You learn something new (about history) every day…

  1. Doug Ross

    Must be part of that new Core Curriculum education standard.

    And please don’t spoil Lincoln for me by giving away the ending.

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    I believe the Union met the definition of a confederacy, too. Just not the Confederate States of America.

  3. Leon

    I watched the first show of Homeland’s first season on DVD. That was it for me. I just don’t care about hearing all of that profanity.

    1. Brad Warthen

      That’s the way I reacted to the first episode of “Deadwood.” My reaction was, You’re saying cowboys used to swear. They were rough, tough guys, and there were no wimmenfolk around. I get it. But you’re overdoing it.

      So I quit watching it. Sometimes such things ring false…

  4. Kevin Dietrich

    How about: “Upon taking office, the 16th president of the US finds his country splitting apart and works to unify it through force of arms.” More concise and accurate.

    Does anyone anywhere employ copy editors anymore?

    1. Silence

      How about “Driven by pure hatred of state’s rights, wealthy Southern farmers and zombies, Lincoln immediately launched into an agressive, imperialist campaign to rid the nation of all three.”

  5. Silence

    RE: Homeland Spoilers – Yes, Carrie is off her meds, but she’s back together with Mr. Big this season. Meanwhile, Samantha is involved in her first lesbian relationship, Miranda is buying an apartment, and Charlotte’s marriage to Trey is falling apart! I really love Homeland! I also like drinking and Manolo Blahnik’s.


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