‘We’re No. 9! We’re No. 9!’ bradwarthen.com Walk for Life team ends up in Top Ten

That's me, Kathryn, Bryan and Doug.

That’s me, Kathryn, Bryan and Doug.

A month later, with (presumably) all contributions counted, our Walk for Life team met the goal of making the Top Ten, which follows:

  1. Pink Posse $10,050
  2. Richland One – AC Flora High School Team Haddon… $9,292.14
  3. Richland One- Satchel Ford $8,231.40
  4. EDENS $6,370
  5. Spirit Communications $6,096
  6. Team Winkie $6,001
  7. Richland Two-Ridge View High School… $4,527.41
  8. Gowns and Crowns $4,431.50
  9. bradwarthen.com $3,651.44
  10. TeamRichlandone student nutrition services…$3,564.57

See all the teams on this page.

Of course, now we’ll be going for Top Five next year, which as you can see is going to mean at least $6,100. We’ll get an early start, think positive thoughts, adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle, give up fatty foods, and do opposition research on the other teams. OK, just kidding on the last two.

But we can do this!

For this year’s achievement, I want to thank our actual walkers, Kathryn Fenner, Bryan Caskey and Doug Ross (pictured above). Bryan and Doug were also our two biggest fundraisers ($1,715 and $1,191.44, respectively), while Kathryn made a generous personal donation.

Let’s also thank Diane Chinnes, Jeff Miller, Maria Medrano, Mike Fitts, Phillip Bush, Rick Shackelford, Kathy Moreland, Hunter Brumfield, Lisa Marie Field, my Dad, and a bunch of anonymous givers, every one of whom played a critical role in this year’s achievement.

11 thoughts on “‘We’re No. 9! We’re No. 9!’ bradwarthen.com Walk for Life team ends up in Top Ten

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    By the way, that’s out of a field of close to 400 teams (that’s a guesstimate based on about 30 teams per page and about 13 pages).

    So y’all did good, team.

    Not that it was a competition, right? Right….

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    Also… team goals seemed to play little role in where teams ended up:

    Pink Posse $5,000
    Richland One – AC Flora High School Team Haddon… $3,000
    Richland One- Satchel Ford $8,000
    EDENS $3,000
    Spirit Communications $3,000
    Team Winkie $0
    Richland Two-Ridge View High School… $3,000
    Gowns and Crowns $0
    bradwarthen.com $5,000
    TeamRichlandone student nutrition services…$2,000

    The only pattern I see there is that we were the only Top Ten team that didn’t exceed its eventual goal, but that’s because of my Col. Cathcart routine of repeatedly raising our goal in mid-process. Our original goal was $1,000. Then I raised it to $3,000. Then to $5,000. So we reached our first two goals. It was just that in the end, someone close to team management got greedy…

        1. Silence

          I know, just wondering if enough had passed so that those jokes were OK now? I can make some doozies.

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