Will this be my last hangout at Barnes & Noble?


Among the things I’ll miss is the sheer physical spaciousness, and all the abundance in which to roam, coffee in hand…

I don’t get here as often as I used to.

Hanging out at Barnes & Noble over a cup of coffee and a laptop (or, today, an iPad) has long been my favorite leisure time activity.

Saturday is the best day for it. But Saturdays are often busy. In fact, I have a couple of chores awaiting me now.

This could be my last time. Maybe the last time, I don’t know.

And somehow, that spoils the pleasure.

Like this morning, when I sat briefly in the last corner of sunlight on the deck at home with a cup of tea. I enjoyed it until I realized how rapidly the shadow of the house was advancing, and how little time was left. That spoiled it.

This prompts thoughts of the curse of all things passing, and the promise of eternity, and things could get pretty heavy if we’re not careful.

Bottom line, I’m really going to hate to see this place close. But I mentioned that before.

2 thoughts on “Will this be my last hangout at Barnes & Noble?

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I get there as often as I can find the excuse to do so. My best excuse is always the need to buy a gift for someone. I almost always give books, and I have a large family, so that gives me frequent excuses. It’s hard to justify just going there to indulge myself…


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