Choose Your Ride: A blunt public safety announcement


On my way in to work this morning, at the junction of Sunset Boulevard and Meeting Street, just before the Gervais Street bridge, I thought I saw a speed trap.

Then, just before I drove past, I noticed the sign, and the cab.

Y’all have a good, safe time tonight. Maybe I’ll see you at the Famously Hot New Year’s¬†celebration at Gervais and Main.


4 thoughts on “Choose Your Ride: A blunt public safety announcement

  1. bud

    Who is “Kook” and the Gang? Must be one of those new age bands.

    This has been a very safe year on South Carolina highways. We’re at 735 traffic fatalities, just slightly more than the 40 year low of 730 in 1982.

    There is really quite a bit of good news to celebrate. As noted on a previous post there has not been a single execution in the state this year. Nationally the annual budget deficit is less than half what it once was. GDP growth is above 4%; Unemployment is down to 7% as we continue to add jobs for 50+ consecutive months; inflation remains low as do interest rates; gasoline prices have remained remarkable stable throughout the year. Perhaps most significantly the stock markets are setting records for growth in a year. The DOW is up nearly 30%. After some early glitches the ACA website seems to be working well and folks are signing up.

    There are significant events that could lead to a normalization of relations with Iran. We continue to pull troops out of Afghanistan. National security from foreign terrorists has never been better with very few Americans killed either abroad or at home. Domestic gun violence does, however, remain a significant problem.

    So in spite of what you may hear from the right wing media echo chamber the country is doing quite well. Much remains to be done, however.

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