Dang. When you’re on your own, you have to think so HARD

So this morning, I was trying to post a quick reply to something Doug had said, and I was trying to think of a word. I was trying to think of a word for considerations that exacerbate a situation (I never have trouble remembering “exacerbate,” because, you know, it sounds dirty).

When I was at the newspaper, I would have gotten up, walked next door to Cindi Scoppe’s office, and said, “I’m having trouble remembering a word that should be easy. What’s the opposite of extenuating, or mitigating, circumstances? You know, like committing the offense within the context of another crime or something.”

And she would have said, “aggravating,” and I’d nod, say “of course,” and go back and type that, assuming I didn’t get distracted on the way.

But without her and all those other people to check with, just sitting here blogging alone (is that redundant?), I had to think of it all on my own, which took several seconds.

Having to remember stuff on your own is hard

7 thoughts on “Dang. When you’re on your own, you have to think so HARD

          1. Brad Warthen

            Yep, but I DID remember this one on my own. Like, in less time than it would have taken to get to Cindi’s office.

            It would have been strange if I hadn’t — all those murder trials I covered back in Tennessee…

            But there was a second or two of mild panic when I thought, “Do I not know this anymore?”…


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