Happy Birthday to the Twins!


My daughter posted this picture last night of her twins as precious, bald, happy 9-month-olds.

And the thing that struck me was the joyous wonder of their togetherness, something we non-twins cannot fully know. Each of them was born with her best friend, and grows up with her right at her side. Back in the days when this picture was taken, they slept in the same bed, side by side.

Below is a shot from several weeks ago of them standing in the same order, just as close as ever. Pure sweetness, pure love.

Today, they are 6 years old. Here’s the post when I announced their birth. I have always adored them, and still do…


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the Twins!

  1. Kiki

    In the 9 month-old picture, they had just grown in those two bottom teeth, and now they are coming out!

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