Of COURSE she has a ‘commanding lead,’ when no one can think of another Democrat

Thought this headline on an email alert from The Washington Post kinda odd:

Hillary Clinton (has a) commanding lead over Democrats for 2016, poll finds

Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropWell, yeah. Duh. I mean, since I can’t think of a single other Democrat being seriously spoken of as a 2016 candidate, one would assume she would have a “commanding lead.”

OK, yeah, Joe Biden. But we already knew she would swamp Joe Biden. I mean, I like Joe, but let’s be serious.

The Post further reports:

The race for the Republican nomination, in contrast, is wide open, with six prospective candidates registering 10 percent to 20 percent support….

What that means is that there is someone who has had a lead (if not a “commanding” one) over on the GOP side, too, but he’s in a lot of trouble.

And so, my little fantasy of having two acceptable people who were shoo-ins for their nominations, possibly avoiding the tears and flapdoodle of the sort of musical chairs game the Republicans played last time around, is to remain a fantasy. As, of course, I knew it would.

Democracy is so… messy

4 thoughts on “Of COURSE she has a ‘commanding lead,’ when no one can think of another Democrat

  1. Norm Ivey

    Keep in mind that she was the obvious favorite when the 2008 campaign started. I can’t think of anybody right now that could challenge her, but she’s going to be another polarizing figure, I’m afraid.

    What are your thoughts on the changes to the Republican primary process? The earlier convention makes a lot of sense because it will allow the nominee to run a general campaign longer. Obama was able to run against Romney for months before Romney was the official nominee. In the 2016 election, that will make a difference IF another Democratic candidate turns up.


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