We descend into lawless chaos: Basketball player travels 7 steps, without penalty

My son shared this with me, knowing the sort of thing that makes me all indignant. Note that neither officials nor the announcer paid any attention when this player moved one foot or the other seven times, without dribbling.

Well, what are we to expect? We long ago stopped enforcing basic rules of the game “Shooter” regarded as “the greatest game ever invented.” Is it any wonder the world is in such sorry shape?…

12 thoughts on “We descend into lawless chaos: Basketball player travels 7 steps, without penalty

  1. Brad Warthen

    Can’t believe none of y’all are outraged. Yeah, it’s been going on for years, but lawlessness is lawlessness. Harrumph, harrumph.

    Not to be confused with Lucy Lawless, who is awesome…

    1. Doug Ross

      Speaking for those of us who HAVE dunked a basketball, I’d say you”re suffering from vertical elevation envy.

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        That’s fine, as long as you didn’t touch the rim.

        I liked this column on the subject which discusses what a departure from the rules dunking is:

        And yet, that rule is suspended in the name of marketing. Dunks, which by definition are offensive goaltending, which by definition are someone with their hand on the rim or their hand on the ball while it’s on the rim, are allowed.

        For whatever reason, he does not advocate banning the dunk. It’s sort of weird. He makes a good case for banning it, but backs away. Maybe he didn’t want to freak out his sources. As he says, “You don’t go messing with that cash cow. ”
        Nevertheless, he ends the piece:

        But just remember what the dunk is, at the core. A suspension of the rules. An exception to the accepted order of the game.

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          There’s just something kind of fascist about it — basically, you have this big guy just demonstrating that all the fine points, teamwork, grace and skill involved in the game are pointless, because for him, the basket is just too low. And because of that, he doesn’t have to play the game as it was intended to be played.

          If you have a team full of guys who can dunk the ball, raise the basket a couple of feet. The rest of us can play with the old 10-ft. standard…

          1. Doug Ross

            Ok, when your grandson starts playing ball on an eight foot rim, don’t you dare even try to dunk it one time just to experience the thrill. I remember my first dunk and my last dunk in a game. It was the same game – a summer league game after my senior year… besides the other players and the ref, there may have been three other people who witnessed that historic display of athleticism.

        2. Bryan Caskey

          Yes, but — rules are full of exceptions to them. Take baseball for instance. There are rules, exceptions to the rules, exceptions to the exceptions, and then just weird circumstantial rules.

          But it works.

          Just because a dunk is an exception to the general rule doesn’t make it illegitimate in my eyes.

  2. Doug Ross

    I went to the Bobcats-Wizards game last night. Not a single travelling, three second, or palming call was made in the game. There was nothing as egregious as Wade’s seven step move, but the norm now is to catch the ball and take at least two steps without a dribble. The NBA is unwatchable,

  3. Phillip

    If they started correctly making the palming-the-ball call, all this boring 4-guys-clearing-out-and-standing-around-while-star-X-makes-his-move style of basketball would end, and we’d see teams that could actually execute a beautiful passing game and drain 15-foot midrange jump shots, like the team that made me fall in love with the NBA as a kid: the Knicks of the early 70s. As for the video clip above, you can be sure that any journeyman player or rookie would probably get called on that, but Wade and a few others are granted (excessive, in my opinion) artistic license by the refs.

    1. Bryan Caskey

      Agreed. I can watch NCAA basketball and enjoy it, but the NBA holds no interest for me. They don’t even allow certain types of zone defense in the NBA.


      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        I’ve never watched the NBA. It just looks like a bunch of guys to whom this is SO easy, showing up to do a job…

        The NCAA has hustle, and excitement… Ditto with high school games, although without the high level of performance, of course…

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