Hodges endorses Anthony for superintendent

This just in:

Former SC Governor Jim Hodges endorses Mike Anthony for Superintendent of Education



Mike Anthony

“Mike Anthony has spent his life dedicated to public schools – as a classroom teacher and state champion football coach. He’s the kind of person our public schools need – a proven leader with a track record of success in our schools. I have every reason to believe he will be that strong advocate for kids, parents and teachers we desperately need.”


Governor Jim Hodges is best known for his leadership in bringing the Education Lottery to South Carolina, securing over $1 billion for school construction without raising taxes. He also launched the ‘First Steps to School Readiness’ program. 


Representative Mike Anthony said he was very grateful for Governor Hodges’ endorsement.


“Governor Hodges was truly an ‘education governor,’ said Rep. Anthony. ”He made public education his highest priority and as a result our schools made great strides during his tenure. His work to establish the education lottery and ‘First Steps’ program have done wonders for South Carolina public schools. I’m truly honored that Governor Hodges has decided to support my candidacy.” 



Not sure what to make of it. But assuming that a Democrat still has a shot at this office in a race without an incumbent, then having the endorsement of the last Democratic governor has to be a help. To the nomination, at least. Anthony currently has one Democratic opponent, Montrio Belton.

13 thoughts on “Hodges endorses Anthony for superintendent

  1. Juan Caruso

    About Mike Anthony’ and what it obviously bodes for status quo in SC education:

    1. He’s a Democrat, so he is automatically for higher wages for the folks who work 9 months a year.
    2. He’s Director of the South Carolina Coaches Association, so we are in no danger of delapidated football fields and team travel expenses despite any need for classroom basics, and academic improvements.
    3. He’s a retired Retired Teacher/Coach, so we can expect posturing for salaries and pensions compared to states like New York and NJ.
    4. He is not a military veteran; no wonder another lawyer-politician without military service endorses him.

    Other than the obvious, Mr. Anthony probably can be expected to improve SC education (after being part of the problem) as Inez Tenenbaum either had or did.

    Caruso’s solution: (Music, art, sports, etc.all after school on kids own time)

    Teachers concentrate on reading in K-1 through grade 3 (1 teacher per 10 students).
    Read at the national 3rd grade level by entry to 4th grade, or its no 4th grade for you and on to special ed. Gifted children who learned to read at 3rd grade level or higher by 2nd grade go to charter schools. Disciplinary problems at any grade level begin hands-on vocational training.
    3rd grade studies: more reading and maths (1 teacher per 16 students)
    4th grade studies: more math, reading and computer orientation (1 teacher per 16 students)
    5th grade studies: computerized learning: math, science, history, civics (1 teacher per 16 students)
    advancement beyond 5th grade is by subject and only when testing provides commensurate competence.
    6th grade studies: more of same (1 teacher per 25 students)
    7th grade studies : more of same plus on computerized self-study, at own pace basis; aptitude testing for post-secondary-vocational divide (1 teacher per 28 students)
    8th grade studies: more of same plus on computerized self-study, at own pace basis; aptitude testing for post-secondary-vocational divide (1 teacher per 30 students)
    9th grade studies: more of same plus on computerized self-study, at own pace basis; aptitude testing for post-secondary-vocational divide (1 teacher per 35 students)
    10th grade studies: (1 teacher per 40 students) computerized self-study, at own pace basis; college bound concentrate on preparatory studies for field of aptitudinal promise (vocational bound are now in tech schools at taxpayer expense)
    11th grade studies: (1 teacher per 45 students) computerized self-study, at own pace basis;
    12th grade studies: (1 teacher per 60 students) computerized self-study, at own pace basis; students not admitted to accredited college transfer to tech schools.

    I have personally used self-study, test-before-proceed materials in both high school and the military.
    It is the fastest way to learn for good readers and when carefully prepared by skilled SMEs confers significant knowledge. Both programs were later abandoned by Democratich administrations.

    SC is not ready (politically) for the above, yet. Another state will implement something very similar in the near future on a trail basis and demonstrate efficiency of teacher use in lower grades and computerized learning after the 8th grade. What SC can and, in my opinion, should do immediately is deemphasize building and construction and benchmark to the best practices in teaching of countries (e.g. Finland, Singapore, etc) that have demonstrated superior, world-class educational outcomes.

          1. Juan Caruso

            Honorable military service is proof of familiarity with standards for self-discipline and high-performance teamwork, the absence of which has often been cited by public school teachers, and is certainly not on the minds of anyone who must ask about the relevance of military service.

            Without classroom discipline there can hardly be any serious expectation of improved educational performance. Variation in discipline in SC schools and classrooms contribute to distractions, inattentiveness and wasted teacher time.

          2. Kathryn Fenner

            I am overly disciplined, but I would never have made it in the military, for physical reasons if nothing else. Discipline is necessary but hardly sufficient.

          3. barry

            as Tom Cruise said in A Few Good Men

            “You don’t have to have a patch on your arm to have honor. ”

            I value military service plenty- but the lack thereof certainly doesn’t make a difference to me. It’s a red herring.

  2. Barry

    I was planning on voting for Mike Anthony anyway- and will likely do so even with Jim “Kevin Geddings” Hodges’ support.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I need to say this in Jim’s defense — I’m pretty sure he’s over Kevin Geddings.

      A story about those days… Early in the Hodges administration, I took Kevin out to lunch at Cap City, just to get acquainted. At one point, he was telling me that he understood that I had a problem with Jim Hodges…

      I interrupted him to say, “No, Kevin, I have a problem with YOU.” And I was specific as to why. Because I had always thought a lot of Jim Hodges before he started taking Geddings’ advice.

      1. barry

        Too bad he wasn’t “over him” when he was in office- when it would have mattered- and counted.

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