Rep. Ted Vick calls it quits

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Rep. Ted Vick will not seek 6th term in SC House
Chesterfield, SC – State Rep. Ted Vick announced on Friday that he will not seek a 6th term in the South Carolina General Assembly.  Vick has served as a State Representative of Chesterfield and Lancaster for the past ten years.

Vick released the following statement regarding his decision:

“It’s time to spend more time and effort on my family.  My twins will be 11 this year and they need me to be more focused on their needs and our time together. My family and I have been talking for months about a new phase in our lives and we are looking forward to it.

It has been a pleasure to serve the people of SC House District 53 and I am honored they allowed me to represent them in Columbia.”  

Vick has chaired the SC House Rural Caucus, SC House Sportsman Caucus, SC House AG subcommittee, SC Wildlife committee, SC House Interstate Cooperation committee, and served as chief Minority Whip for eight years.

Unfortunately for him, you will remember Ted Vick as the SC legislator whose DUI defense (that he was walking that way because he had a rock in his shoe) made the Daily Mail

7 thoughts on “Rep. Ted Vick calls it quits

  1. Doug Ross

    Unfortunately? Seems like his fate was self-inflicted.

    Maybe if he had been truthful from day one instead of lawyering up he could have redeemed himself.


  2. Bryan Caskey

    I ought to start using that as my euphemism for drinking. As in, “It’s 5:00PM on Friday, time to go put a pebble in my shoe.”

    See y’all on Monday, computer-screen friends. I’ll be in Charleston all weekend with some friends. We’ll probably have pebbles in our shoes at some point.

    1. Mark Stewart

      To really Vick it up one also needs to be pulled over for DUI with a coed and an undeclared handgun, no? As a warm up to get arrested for the pebble walk…

      I couldn’t decide whether his resignation was about rebuilding his life with his family, or a precondition to a pending divorce. At least he sounded contrite; for once.

      1. Kathryn Fenner

        Is that him, too, or another pol with initials TV? It wasn’t Thad Viers–he beat up and stalked his girlfriend…and I can’t figure out how to find out otherwise. His Wikipedia page mentions the pebble incident, and that his daughters are named after trees, but…

        I am collecting names of real people around here that sound made up, like Steedley Bogan or Holt Chetwood, or is it Chet Holtwood?

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