SC Democrats, you won’t get my digits THAT easily…

After having gotten way harsh on the SC Democrats’ case (or at least, the SC House Democrats’ case) the other day, I was about to respond in a positive way to this come-on:


In the coming elections, we have a chance to make a big change to the future of South Carolina. We must change course, because failed leadership and no accountability isn’t working for the people of South Carolina.

Change is never easy, but with all of you on board to help, I know that we can make a difference at the ballot box.

This is all about you, so we want to hear from you. Click here to let us know which issues are important to you, and share your story.

In just the last year, South Carolina has seen major ethics scandals, botched cover-ups, and failed leaders who are more worried about making headlines than getting their jobs done.

We can’t change this without you. Let us know what your biggest priority is in the coming election and share why it is important to you. Click here and let us know today!

Thank you for being part of our campaign to bring a new era of leadership to Columbia.

Amanda Loveday
Executive Director, South Carolina Democratic Party

I was all like, I gave them a hard time for their agenda, so since they’re asking me now what their agenda should be, the least I can do is tell them what I think. Who knows; it might do some good…

But then I clicked on the link, and realized they were just after my contact info. That’s what they meant by “share your story.”

I should have known.

Anyway, they already have my email address. They can reach me when they want. Apparently, they won’t be satisfied until they have my credit card numbers. Which ain’t gonna happen…

4 thoughts on “SC Democrats, you won’t get my digits THAT easily…

  1. Juan Caruso

    An interesting analysis of your invitation from the Executive Director of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Brad.

    Allow me to add a bit of color to your conclusion:

    Amanda Loveday was in 2010 the Campaign Manager/Finance Director at Matthew Richardson for South Carolina Attorney General. For what is was worth, FITSNews said this about Mr. Richardson, “Ummm … a “campaign for a better future?” And this guy went to Duke?

    Anyway, assuming you give a rat’s rear end about who this latest trial lawyer-turned-politician is (we don’t), feel free to click on his bio below …”

    Surprisingly to some, no doubt, that is exactly how many South Carolinians feel in 2014.

  2. Ralph Hightower

    I haven’t given legislators my email address for a long while. I learned when contacting Joe Wilson via his House webform that he will sell, trade, give away my email address like a prostitute sells sex. I’ve gotten emails that I’ve questions “What the heck was that?” Fortunately, I’ve had to kill that email address since an ISP that I’ve had an account with since 1994 gave up email hosting.


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