Your Virtual Front Page, Thursday, March 27, 2014

Not much big happening outside of Ukraine, but here goes:

  1. UN declares Crimea vote illegal (BBC) — Likely response from Putin: “Illegal, schmillegal.” The vote was nonbinding, and backed up by essentially nothing. But still, the UN took a stand, which is something.
  2. Congress Backs New Sanctions, Kiev Aid  (WSJ) — The U.S. provides $1 billion in loan guarantees, while the IMF ponies up $14-18 billion.
  3. Health-care enrollment hits goal of 6 million (WashPost) — That’s the adjusted goal, mind you. But it hardly fits the GOP narrative of a total, bungled failure, does it?
  4. Obama meets pope on Vatican visit (The Guardian) — As far as I know, Russell Crowe’s new movie about Noah was not discussed. POTUS kept gushing, “It’s wonderful meeting you. It’s wonderful meeting you,” Obama began. “Thank you so much for receiving me.” Further proof of what a rock star this pope is.
  5. McMaster files for lieutenant governor ( — Four years ago, he was the presumptive front-runner for governor — before scandal sympathy and the Tea Party boosted Nikki Haley past him. Can we go ahead and call him the front-runner for Gov Lite? I think so. In any case, if the governor doesn’t back him, she knows not what loyalty is. He’s been a good soldier for her ever since his crushing defeat at her hands.
  6. Obama formally outlines NSA reform (The Guardian) — Using the word “reform” loosely, of course. I read the explanation, and remain confused as to what POTUS wants to do now. What is described in this story doesn’t sound terribly useful, but perhaps I’m reading it wrong. By the way, in my quick overview of news sites, only The Guardian was giving this significant play.

16 thoughts on “Your Virtual Front Page, Thursday, March 27, 2014

  1. Bryan Caskey

    I’ll stay with the odd numbers:

    1. Talk is cheap.

    3. The number does not distinguish between individuals who have chosen a health care plan and have paid their first month’s premium, and those who have simply placed a plan in their “basket”. Nor do they specify the crucially important demographic mix of enrollees. How many are “young invincibles” and how many have preexisting conditions?

    Show of hands: If all of the withheld data was actually good news for the White House — a healthy risk pool, 99+ percent payment, few bogus “shopping cart” sign-ups — who thinks Sebelius wouldn’t be extremely eager to let us know that? Frankly, I call BS on the 6 million number.

    Or maybe I’m wrong, and the whole thing is working like a swiss clock now. People in our government would never mislead us for political gain.

    5. McMaster is a good man. He’ll be a credit to the office of the Lt. Governor.

    1. Mark Stewart

      Who appoints if nobody wants to take the job for the remainder of McConnell’s term?

      Why doesn’t McConnell resign now? Doesn’t he need to focus on his new gig?

      1. Kathryn Fenner

        The office can remain unfilled. In case of loss of governor (please), goes down the line of succession to next officeholder.

        1. Bryan Caskey

          I’m going to go ahead and assume that your comment of “please” was meant in the way a teenager says “oh please” meaning “that’s ridiculous and is never going to happen”, rather than meaning you’re requesting that there be a loss of the governor.

          Because it’s a little ambiguous if you just look at the text.

            1. Mark Stewart

              Or convict her of ethics violations or something. There are ways other than death to leave public office. I know, that would be news to lots of SC citizens.

  2. Mitt Romney

    I’m guessing the total amount of people who have actually enrolled is right around 47%.

  3. bud

    1/2. Nothing like a bit of international drama to keep life interesting. The bigger story is the large army of Russian troops. Putin’s approval rating is very high. That will likely change once the sanctions kick in.
    3. More evidence that Obamacare is actually working in spite of the best efforts of Fox News and the Tea Party.
    4. New Pope seems like an improvement. Still a long way to go for the Catholic Church to earn my respect.
    5. Lt. Governor should be dropped from the list of offices we elect. Just let the gov appoint someone.
    6. At least we’re having the conversation. I know Brad doesn’t like it but this is just too important to be shrouded in sooooo much secrecy.

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