ALL of Richland Election Commission should be replaced

This morning, when I read that there was the potential for every member of the Richland County election commission to be replaced, I wrote on Twitter, “And all five SHOULD be replaced.”

Rep. Nathan Ballentine both favorited and reTweeted my post, so I know I have at least one member of the delegation agreeing with me.

This afternoon, when I got back into town from a business trip to Greenwood, I got a call from a friend, a local businessman who is at the point of retirement, who said he was interested in serving if the delegation was interested in having him. He’s a man who has had a certain success in business, and has been very active in the community. He has no political interests or ambition, and doesn’t want to start playing political games at this stage in life. He’s just concerned about this problem in his community, and is willing to pitch in and help if anyone thinks he can.

In other words, he’s just the kind of person we need serving on the commission.

I called James Smith and asked what the procedure was. I was told he should call the delegation office and get a form to fill out. I passed on the information.

There are at this point about 40 names in the hopper. Here’s hoping that out of the 40, plus the additional ones that will come in now that they’re starting a new filing period, the delegation will find five people willing and able to fix this problem. And that the delegation will actually choose those five…

10 thoughts on “ALL of Richland Election Commission should be replaced

    1. Silence

      That immediately came to my mind as well. I had to Bing to find out that Corporal Agarn’s first name was “Larry”, though…

  1. Barry

    Doubt much will change when you have certain ones on the delegation that aren’t so much interested in fixing things.

    Remember Darrell Jackson who tried hard to keep Ms. McBride around even after it was apparent to everyone that she couldn’t handle the job? He was her ” staunchest” supporter – even helping run deflection for her –

    Heck, even Jim Clyburn had to weigh in and throw his support in for Ms. McBride- even after it was obvious she couldn’t handle the job.

    There is no real interest in changing things.

  2. Barry


    If you’ve seen the security video posted on the WIS site today, you also know there is no real leadership or interest in changing things in 5 points either.

    The gangs have control- and that’s just the way it is- and a lot of folks are ok with that.

  3. Doug Ross

    Lillian McBride is back in her old job…you can’t make this up… Just another day in incompetence-Ville.


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