Aw, Jeez, Edith! Not with the Culture Wars again…

Corey Hutchins must have seen my post a couple of days ago worrying that we’re getting cranked up again on the Kulturkampf stuff two years ahead of the presidential election.

Or maybe he just remembers me bemoaning the use of issues that serve only to divide us, to separate us into camps of “us” versus “them,” back in 2012.

In any case, he tormented me today by sending a link to this item:

Speaking to GOP gatherings in the early presidential primary state of South Carolina this week, Rick Santorum had a message for Republicans running this year: the culture wars still work as a message….

“Folks, the economy is important, but you know what’s more important? The culture. Look at the culture in America. Look at what’s happening to families in America. Look at what’s happening to marriage, to children. Look at the culture. It’s disintegrating in front of us. And as a result people are insecure….”

All I could say in response was to quote Archie Bunker: “Aw, Jeez, Edith!”

But on second thought, I did like the rest of that quote:

“…And as a result people are insecure. They’re afraid … and when people are afraid, the last thing they want to hear is ‘And we’re going to cut this, and we’re going to cut that, and we’re going to take them away from these people who don’t want to work.’ Not the kind of message that’s going to win you a lot of folks who are a little nervous — I’m not talking about the 47 percent —I’m talking about all of their friends and neighbors who feel that they are close to being part of that 47 percent.”

If he’s saying that maybe Republicans should give all the “shrink government to a size that you can drown it in a bathtub” stuff a rest, and stop demonizing people who actually depend on the “safety net” that Reagan used to speak of… well, that would be a positive thing.’

But must it come at the cost of more Kulturkampf?

5 thoughts on “Aw, Jeez, Edith! Not with the Culture Wars again…

  1. Barry

    Rick Santorum is right- but politicians can’t help that fact.

    Our religious leaders, or other leaders can – but politiicans can’t and probably shouldn’t. They’ve proven over and over their morals aren’t an example to follow – and that’s fine.

    I’ve never looked to a politician to set such a standard.

    Maybe Rick would be better as a religious leader of some sort- and he’s certainly someone I would listen to and respect.

  2. scout

    Really – you think religious and other leaders can make a difference? I don’t know. I think you are right that political leaders probably can’t do much either. Media and corporate forces are what pull the other way, and those forces respond to what moves people to spend money which usually is not in synch with any kind of standard for the greater good. (Doing something for the greater good usually is the harder thing, and it’s easier to get people to do the easier thing – so that’s what media/corporate interests will maximize if the thing you get them to do involves them giving you some money). I don’t really see an answer short of media/corporate interests growing a conscious, which doesn’t seem likely.

    Apparently I have joined the cynical.

    1. Barry

      I agree with you.

      I think religious leaders and such can make a difference with some people – those that are concerned about their families and doing the right hting- not just what feels good all the time.

      Obviously more of society is in the “if it feels good do it” category these days.

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