Irish priest’s take on Cohen brings the house down

As you may know, the name “Cohen” in Hebrew means “priest,” or “a member of the priestly class, having certain rights and duties in the synagogue.”

Father Ray Kelly, a priest of another tradition, took full advantage of his rights in performing his duties at a recent wedding at his parish in Meath, Ireland. He quickly went viral on YouTube. The bride and groom had no idea it was coming, but they and the rest of the congregation loved it.

Since he used my favorite Leonard Cohen tune, I thought I’d share.

By the way, according to the Irish Times, Fr. Kelly is “planning on releasing a charity album to coincide with his 25th year since being ordained.”

11 thoughts on “Irish priest’s take on Cohen brings the house down

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Yuck. It made me want to scratch myself!

    Catholics need to embrace their gorgeous musical tradition: Renaissance music! No humming and strumming!

  2. Brad Warthen

    Wow, talk about your stick-in-the-mud traditionalists! Next, y’all are going to want to bring back the Inquisition!

    But I don’t think of the Pope as a “Sexual Healing” guy. As a South American, I think of him more as a Sergio Mendes kind of guy

    OK, that’s Brazilian and in Portuguese, and the Pope is a Spanish-speaker from Argentina. But I couldn’t think of any good Argeninian pop-culture references. Other than Webber’s “Evita”


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