Open Thread for Thursday, April 24, 2014

Since I’ve been traveling all day today, and will be traveling all day tomorrow, here are some items for y’all to gnaw on…

Or whatever y’all want to talk about. That’s what “Open Thread” means…

19 thoughts on “Open Thread for Thursday, April 24, 2014

  1. Doug Ross

    Legalizing marijuana would be another issue a Democrat candidate for governor could put in play.
    But not this year. Sheheen thinks he has to be just one tick to the left of Haley.

  2. Norm Ivey

    The Stone bill is <a href=, and it’s been referred to Committee on Judiciary. That’s all I can find. Surely you have contacts at the state house you can pump for information?

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      He posted like twenty new pieces one Friday and nobody commented for like a really long time, so this is what you get

  3. bud

    Isn’t it fascinating how Republican lawmakers and talk show hosts can readily embrace a criminal like Cliven Bundy when they can portray him as a pseudo-patriot standing up to the oppression of the big, socialist government, but then turn on a dime to condemn him when he demonstrates his predictable core values. I would guess that a large portion of rural Republican voters are silently nodding their heads in agreement with Mr. Bundy’s racist rants. The GOP could never win elections without the likes of Cliven Bundy. Frankly the first amendment protects his vile, bigoted comments but absolutely nothing in the constitution shields him from stealing government property. He should be arrested but then he becomes a martyr. Probably best to cut off his water and electricity then just leave him alone.

    1. Barry

      well some republicans lawmakers can

      just like some democratic lawmakers and talk show hosts praised Occupy groups – and downplayed (or ignored) crime that was taking place at such gatherings such as sexual violence and rape.

      1. Bart

        The Occupy groups support basic Democrat policies so their actions and criminal activity that go along with them are deemed acceptable, you know, for the better good of the country. Words, not actions like sexual assault and rape are far more dangerous.

        You have one dumb ass who makes a racist comment and bud hears the dog whistle and automatically like a good little Pavlov’s dog, he automatically launches into an attack on Republicans or the GOP with accusations that they couldn’t win elections without people like him. Of course, a Democrat would never utter a racist comment, would they?

        1. Barry

          Joe Biden – the Current US Vice President (selected by President Obama wouldn’t ever do such a thing”

          ““You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.” – Joe Biden

    2. Bart


      Do we take the LA Clippers away from Donald Sterling, a liberal Democrat and was about be recognized for his work to promote racial harmony by Al Sharpton? After the recording of his racial rant with his Mexican/Black girlfriend, will the press suddenly have a rampaging case of amnesia and forget about Sterling’s comments and past history of racial bigotry?

      Will his financial support and his liberal bona fides give him a free pass because of his support of Democrats and his very large wallet, open to Democrats and liberal causes?

      You bet it will!!!

      1. Barry

        Not sure.

        MSNBC has been talking about it all day (at least the times I’ve surfed by the station) like it’s breaking news akin to a 747 landing in Times Square.

      2. Bryan Caskey

        If Sutherland was a GOP donor, this would be another wall-to-wall coverage issue. Once it was found out that he’s a Democrat donor it’s just “one man’s failing”. If he was a GOP guy, he would be representative of all Republicans everywhere.

        It’s your basic double-standard.

    3. Bryan Caskey

      If you don’t want to make someone sympathetic, then don’t show up to his house with armed SWAT team guys to collect a debt. The whole Bundy thing is simple. There wouldn’t be a controversy at all if the government had simply placed a lien on his property. That’s what happens when you don’t pay the government money.

      Snipers don’t show up to collect debts.

      It’s classic government overreach. No reasonable person defends Bundy on the merits of owing the government money. But the means in which the government is attempting to collect is improper and an abuse of authority.

  4. Silence

    Rep. Grimm (R-NY) indicted for tax evasion. Responds by declaring “It’s clobberin’ time!”

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