Burl, who is an expert, shows us how airplanes fly


And if you doubt it, well, he’s the curator of the Pacific Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor. What are your credentials? (He got the info from something called ScienceDump, which sounds credible as all get-out to me.)

I, of course, believed the diagram immediately, as it fit perfectly with my understanding of this phenomenon. Frankly, I have trouble believing they do fly. It may just be mass hypnosis that makes us think they do. If you think about it, that explanation actually taxes credulity less than the theory that those massive things actually do hang up there in the sky.

(Seriously, haven’t you ever looked up at a plane, way up in the sky, and thought, Oh, come on — that’s ridiculous!)

One thought on “Burl, who is an expert, shows us how airplanes fly

  1. Kiki

    In the Harry Potter books there is a wizard who is fascinated by what humans are able to accomplish without magic. At one point he reveals his “dearest ambition” is to “find out how aeroplanes stay up.”


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