Follow my coverage of the Galivants Ferry Stump Speaking on Twitter this evening

Fritz Hollings at a previous Stump.

Fritz Hollings at a previous Stump.

Hey, y’all — I’m going to be on Twitter rather than the blog for the next few hours. I’m going to check out the 138th-anniversary edition of the Galivants Ferry Stump Speaking. Follow my comments @BradWarthen.

This venerable Democratic Party institution starts with music at 4:30 and speaking at 6, in case you’d like to come. Russell Holiday has written to me several times to remind me to come, so here I go. I don’t want to miss the chance to hear Fritz Hollings, who’s been attending the Stump for 60 years.

Here’s the last release I saw on the subject:

The families of Joseph Holliday and John Monroe Holliday announced today that MSNBC Contributor Jimmy Williams will be the Keynote Speaker at the May 12, 2014 Galivants Ferry Stump Speaking and former Senator Fritz Hollings will be the Special Guest Speaker.

A South Carolina native, Mr Williams graduated high school in Florence and is a graduate of the Citadel……. He is the Executive Editor of Blue Nation Review and is a 22 year veteran of Washington’s political scene and a regular MSNBC contributor. (bio below)

Senator Hollings will celebrate his 60 year anniversary of attending the History Stump Speaking…. He announced his bid for Lt. Governor in 1954 at the Stump and has been a fixture at the Stump until his retirement. The Stump celebrated 50 years of Stumping with Fritz in 2004 and are so pleased to celebrate 60 years in 2014.

Candidate for Governor, Vincent Sheheen and Lt. Governor candidate Bakari Sellers will speak along with 7th District Congressional candidate Gloria Tinubu… State, local and candidates for the US Senate will also speak……..(a complete list of confirmed candidates as of 5/5/14 is below)

The 2014 Stump will be held at Pee Dee Farms, the community’s century-old general store. Galivants Ferry, which is on the National Registry of Historic Districts, is located on Hwy 501 where it crosses the Little Pee Dee River. The Stump is listed in the Library of Congress as a Local Legacy and was nominated by Sen. Hollings in 2000. The Stump will follow the traditional festival format of bluegrass music starting at 4:30 p.m. The actual “speaking” will be begin at 6:00 p.m. featuring all local, state and federal Democratic candidates The public is invited to this free event. Chicken Bog will be available for sale…

Who knows? Maybe I’ll run into some of y’all. It’s happened before


6 thoughts on “Follow my coverage of the Galivants Ferry Stump Speaking on Twitter this evening

  1. Doug T

    Got there early, left early. Too hot for John Land’s carryings on. I really wanted to see Fritz. I don’t think he gets credit deserved, getting us through the crazy 1960’s along with Russell and McNair.

    I’ll vote for Sheheen, but he does not know how to work a crowd. Twice now I’ve stood 5-6 feet from him and didn’t get a handshake. If that was Strom, he would have shaken every hand there. It’s expected…or at least I expect it.

    Good to see the Dems have pretty much a full slate of candidates. I was concerned they would give up after 2010.

    1. Doug Ross

      Sheheen isn’t running, he’s jogging. I’m sure he sees the handwriting on the wall. Amazingly, he’s run a worse campaign the second time around. He’s probably hoping for Will Folks to deliver him a Hail Mary at this point.

  2. Brad Warthen

    Well, Doug, you should have said “hey.” Sorry I missed you.

    Fritz didn’t make it. He called Russell Holliday late this morning to tell her he wasn’t up to it, due to the side effects of a new med he started taking a few days ago…

  3. Doug T

    Sorry I missed you Brad. I probably saw you but didn’t recognize you. I’m bad about that.

    You are right. It was flat. 4 years ago was much more lively and enthusiastic. No one worked the crowd (or small gathering) except the lady running for Secretary of State.

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