Frank Underwood should be able to push through an earmark to repaint Peachoid

The Peachoid in better days.

The Peachoid in better days.

Dire news from Gaffney:

Gaffney’s Peachoid — a one-million-gallon water tank and the city’s most recognizable landmark — will be temporarily repaired after chunks of paint peeled from the crevice with this winter’s fluctuating temperatures.

Gaffney Board of Public Works owns the Peachoid, which was erected in 1981 and has been repainted twice.

BPW General Manager Donnie Hardin said areas of paint — about six to 10 feet in diameter — started peeling from the Peachoid recently, mostly due to freezing and warmer temperatures through the winter.

“With extreme cold, fluctuating temperatures, it caused more damage than normal,” Hardin said. “Two areas flaked off the tank, and we’ll have those repaired in two to three weeks.”…

I just hope they’re not planning on spending local tax money for the repair. Frank Underwood should be able to score some federal funds for the purpose without breaking a sweat.

In fact, Frank wouldn’t settle for repairing a patch. He could get the whole thing redone, with real fuzz this time…

Frank and local leaders contemplating the monument.

Frank and local leaders contemplating the monument.

13 thoughts on “Frank Underwood should be able to push through an earmark to repaint Peachoid

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    I watched, and occasionally enjoyed, both seasons of the U.S. version of “House of Cards.”

    But wow, now that I’m watching “The West Wing” every night while I work out — what a difference. In fact, the two series are polar opposites. “House of Cards” has zero characters to root for (watch enough of it, and you will despise all humanity — if you believe it), whereas I love everybody on “The West Wing” and cheer them on and want to see them succeed in all they undertake, even when I disagree with them…

    1. Bryan Caskey

      As an Anglophile, you gotta like Lord John Marbury, right? Have you gotten to any of the episodes with him? He’s sprinkled in there every once in awhile.

    2. Kathryn Fenner

      West Wing had to have appealing characters, for a year-round show. Cable/streaming/BBC miniseries don’t have to.

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        Which is something I’ve noticed, even with shows I like, such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

        But would it kill them to throw in characters we could care about? That would just be SO much more enjoyable…

        1. Doug Ross

          When you swim in the cesspool of politics, it’s difficult to come out smelling like a rose.

  2. Norm Ivey

    I lived up that way for a few months in the early 80s just after it was built. Don’t tell them it looks like a giant butt. They don’t like that.

  3. bud

    I came up with a list of iconic landmarks more each of the 50 states a while back. I was trying to spice up a PowerPoint presentation at work. The Peach was the top landmark for Cherokee County. Some were pretty easy, the Lake Murray dam for Lexington, the Sombrero observation tower for Dillon, Darlington Speedway, Darlington. Others were difficult because they have so few notable landmarks. I ended up with a Grits Festival shot for Dorchester County. Others because there are so many, especially Charleston.

    I did the same thing for the 50 states and as of now some are still blank. I can’t really think of anything notable for Nebraska. By default the Oz Museum won the honors for Kansas and the Field of Dreams for Iowa.

      1. bud

        There is a beautiful, tree-canopied highway near downtown Aiken. It seemed to fit the persona of the county so when I found a photograph of it I used that.

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