Open Thread for Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It’s probably just as well that y’all seem to prefer these to Virtual Front Pages. These are easier to throw together.

Some possible topics — all local, for a change of pace:

  1. Attorney General asks SC Supreme Court to overturn Judge Manning — Wilson strikes a blow in the ongoing saga. What will the high court do?
  2. SC adjutant general step closer to becoming appointed job — This may not make your heart go pitter-pat, but I’m excited. This is the one constitutional officer that it is most absurd, and unAmerican, to elect. Folks, I lived in a country where military officers were political animals — we had a military coup while I was there — and that is not something you want.
  3. Gov. Nikki Haley meets her hero Joan Jett — In her defense, she also looks up to Carroll Campbell and Margaret Thatcher. As for me, I always forget which is Joan Jett and which is Pat Benatar. And I think maybe Chrissie Hynde hangs out in the same room of my mental palace.
  4. The State endorses Henry McMaster for lt gov — He was easily the best choice among the GOP candidates for governor last time. He’s certainly overqualified for this. Surely primary voters will acknowledge that this time. Won’t they? By the way, his primary opponents are Mike Campbell and Pat McKinney.

But feel free, as always, to bring up your own topics…

7 thoughts on “Open Thread for Tuesday, May 20, 2014

  1. Rose

    Ariail is spot on.

    Speaking of Campbell, have you noticed his campaign signs rip off the Campbell’s soup logo? And Molly Spearman’s rip off the Spearmint gum logo.

    1. Silence

      The Campbells have been doing that for years on their campaign signs. At least for a few elections now.

    2. Kathryn Fenner

      I did not get the Wrigley’s logo rip-off until you said it. I wondered why her ubiquitous signs had an arrow. Maybe a different color way might have helped me get it.

  2. Doug Ross

    I was at dinner with my 25 year old son the other day and mentioned something about Nikki Haley likely winning re-election this fall. He asked “Who’s running against her?” If that doesn’t speak volumes about the Sheheen campaign, I don’t know what does. He even voted for Sheheen last time.

    I bet I could ask 100 people on the street to name the Democrat running for Governor and fewer than 20 would get it right.

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      Yeah, so a 25 year old dude doesn’t know. What percentage of SC residents even voted in the presidential election?

      1. Doug Ross

        He did. He voted for Obama. He knew who Sheheen is..just didn’t know he was running again.

        Sheheen has zero momentum in this race. And he’s not really trying too hard to win.

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