Regarding sun and sand in the State House

This release came last night from Ann Timberlake with Conservation Voters of South Carolina:


As session nears a close, there is an increased amount of activity in the lobby of the State House. Today, the House LCI Subcommittee unanimously voted out S.1189, the compromise solar bill that will unleash the sun for South Carolinians. It will go in front of the full House LCI committee Thursday morning. We expect a floor vote as early as next week. Please encourage your Representative to support the solar bill.

This morning, we joined with Coastal Conservation League and the South Carolina Environmental Law Project to denounce the Senate’s compromise shoreline bill that “has been kidnapped by the House and force fed with special amendments that are for special interests,” as so aptly stated by Nancy Cave in the article below.

We urge you to ask your Representative (CLICK HERE) to oppose the House version of S.890 unless it is restored to the Senate language that limits the Debordieu exemption to 3 years and stops seaward movement of the baseline beginning in July, 2014.  This bill is currently awaiting a vote in the House.

Stay tuned and thank you for caring about the South Carolina we love.


Ann Timberlake

I pass it on in case you were following those bills…

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    1. Mark Stewart

      It’s worse than that; but it is in keeping with the Speaker Harrell/Judge Manning view of “laws are for other people to abide.”

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