Sheheen’s first TV ad of 2014: The Sheriff

First, I have to say something to head off the confusion: That’s not me in this Sheheen campaign ad. That’s my twin, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott.

Just so we have that straight.

Anyway, I’m sure that I’m breaking this story, because the campaign sent this to me only minutes ago with the message…


I wanted to send you a quick note to give you an exciting update! You’ve been one of our biggest supporters so far, and this campaign wouldn’t have achieved such success without you on the team. Because you’ve been such a great supporter, I wanted to make sure you’re the first to see our first television ad.

But here’s the reality – TV ads aren’t cheap and we need to raise $15,000 by midnight tonight to keep this ad on the air. Can you help us out? Click here to send an urgent donation before midnight >>

Click here to watch our first ad…

Your unwavering support of Vincent has helped us get to where we are today.

But now we’re down to the wire. We have to close our budget gap and keep this ad on the air. Nikki Haley and her extremist friends have already flooded our airwaves with misleading ads. It’s time for us to fight back….

… and so forth.

So, I’m special. But the Sheheen campaign must be in big trouble, because it sees me as one of it’s “biggest supporters,” and I’ve never given them a penny…

15 thoughts on “Sheheen’s first TV ad of 2014: The Sheriff

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    I also received the ad via conventional press release, which noted that “The ad is part of a substantial six-figure statewide TV buy beginning today,” and included the text, in case you have trouble playing the video:

    TRANSCRIPT – Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott:

    “I’ve handled thousands of child abuse cases. We have to protect these vulnerable kids, but children are dying. Children Nikki Haley’s administration is supposed to protect.

    “Instead of demanding accountability, Nikki Haley is covering up her administration’s failures.

    “Vincent Sheheen is a former prosecutor who won’t play politics with children’s lives. Vincent will clean up Nikki Haley’s mess and protect our children.

    “Vincent Sheheen will be a governor South Carolina can trust.”

  2. Doug Ross

    Translation: “Please write us a check so we can keep paying the salaries of our political consultants who have botched this campaign”

  3. Silence

    Governor Haley may be a lot of things, but she certainly hasn’t governed as an “extremist” or done anything to endear her to her “extremist friends”. Despite all the bluster and talk about transparency, openness and government reform, she’s been pretty much just status quo. It’s like Mark Sanford 2.0 or Jim Hodges 3.0.

    1. Doug Ross

      Exactly… Sheheen’s team has tried to demonize Haley for four years… it’s been as over the top as some of the anti-Obama rhetoric. It’s the strategy of someone who hasn’t got a message of his own or the charisma to lead.

      Too bad he doesn’t have the guts to say a word about Bobby Harrell. Sheheen knows he’ll have to bow down to Bobby when he loses in November.

        1. Doug Ross

          Who wields more power in this state? If Sheheen wants to get a bill passed, can he do it without Harrell?

      1. Silence

        Yes, except that under Haley our Medicaid rolls are expanding by about 16% this year…

        1. Kathryn Fenner

          But she turned down free money that would have provided health care for the working poor.

      2. Brad Warthen Post author

        That’s almost certainly the greatest disservice she has done this state. Perhaps it’s why her allies are so aggressively attacking Sheheen for supporting “Obamacare.”

        Other things — the DOR security breach, the DSS horror stories — are things you can legitimately say might have happened with or without Nikki Haley. But the Medicaid thing was a deliberate, calculated policy decision.

        Of course, even on that, she only did what almost any GOP governor of SC would have done. And even if she hadn’t pursued that course, the Legislature would have found some way to head off the expansion. But that doesn’t excuse her. She still decided what she decided.

  4. scout

    Is Leon Lott short or is Vincent Sheheen tall, or both? I never thought of either of them as either particularly, but I’ve also never really seen either in person I don’t think. I suppose it’s not good for their message that that is what I noticed most about the ad.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I noticed that, too. I noticed it because it surprised me, as I didn’t think of Leon as particularly short or Vincent as particularly tall.

      If, as Kathryn says, Leon is 5’10”, he’s an inch or so shorter than I am (hey, no one said we were IDENTICAL twins), which is not a difference I’d notice. I probably look at him and think he’s my height.

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