This just in: Craft beer bill on fast track



This came in a little while ago from Wesley Donehue over at Push Digital:

ICYMI: Craft Beer Law Change on Fast Track

Columbia, SC-May 16, 2014:  “South Carolina is on the verge of passing the most progressive craft beer production laws in the country”,  from the Greenville News (5/15/14).

It’s hard to believe that just three weeks ago the possibility of passing the Stone Bill was nearly impossible, but thanks to grassroots efforts and a lot of emails to the SC General Assembly we made magic happen.

Why is the Stone Bill so important?

1. It will loosen antiquated beer laws in efforts to attract California-based company, Stone Brewing , who is planning a $31 million eastward expansion, to South Carolina.

2. It will create more than 250 jobs.

3. South Carolina breweries will finally have the chance to be competitive with the booming craft beer industry taking off around the country.

To pass a bill this fast in South Carolina is practically unheard of and with the potential of a $31 million investment and hundreds of new jobs it would be a mistake for the General Assembly not to pass the Stone Bill.

For more information visit, or contact Wesley Donehue at 843.460.7990



But — and here’s what I’m unclear on — are we still in the running for Stone, or is this aimed at other, similar opportunities?

16 thoughts on “This just in: Craft beer bill on fast track

  1. Norm Ivey

    O, Happy Day!

    I can’t find any information online that Stone has announced a location on the east coast for a new location, so from that standpoint we’re still in the running. There’s probably not much chance of it landing in Columbia, but Myrtle Beach would be a nice fit I think.

    Coincidentally, I’ve taken this beautiful afternoon off (just because it’s a beautiful afternoon) and I am enjoying a Stone IPA at this very moment.

      1. Norm Ivey

        Reading the article in The State, the only sensible use I see is that maybe backpackers might like to have cocktails after a tough day on the trail. Seems kind of silly to ban it in SC before it’s legal in the USA.

      2. Kathryn Fenner

        Me, neither, but the legislature is pandering by outlawing it. The State, I think, ran a piece on why the objections to it are specious. If the legislature is serious about the supposed ills it might bring, like more teen drinking or drinking at football games, they should either fund more SLED agents or allow local law enforcement to enforce Title 61(?) which deals with a lot of liquor laws and their violations.

  2. Phillip

    “South Carolina” and “most progressive…in the country” used in same sentence…head exploding…

      1. Phillip

        Actually, Mark, it looks like that was a quote from the Greenville News. But Wesley Donehue quoted it approvingly, so I guess he feels being “most progressive” is a positive designation at least where beer laws are concerned.

        1. Mark Stewart

          Actually, Phillip, it is more manipulative than you imagine (which is to your credit). Donahue as political operative/shill maneuvered to get a newspaper to write a story with language pushed by Donehue. Then, when it was published, he uses the newspaper’s name as validation and support for his press release. So all he has really done is quoted himself quoting himself – which was again just quoting himself. Like money-laundering, the process begins to look respectable. But underneath it is still what it started as – paid posturing.

          The first paragraphs of the newspaper “story” give it away that this was all just spoon-feeding. In Wesley’s world – clearly a place of irony and some other less than complimentary words that need not be said – South Carolina is “progressive”. Outside the spin zone other terms better characterize SC, as we all know.

          1. Doug Ross

            His company is called Push Digital. Other names considered were: Cram Digital, Stuff Digital, Nag Digital, Coerce Digital.

            There’s plenty of money to be made manipulating the public on behalf of political issues and candidates. In the old days, the job was called Snake Oil Salesman or Huckster.

            1. Kathryn Fenner

              Sort of like Constant Contact, which supports NPR, but sounds like a good way to get marketing messages marked Spam.

  3. Doug Ross

    If you haven’t tried Conquest Brewery on Stadium Drive off Bluff Road, I highly recommend it. Went there today for the first time to try it their tasting room with a friend while our wives shopped. What a great little operation they have going…

    1. Norm Ivey

      I’ve been there once. They’re bottling now. I picked up a bottle of Sacred Heart at Green’s. Brewers seem to be almost universally good people. Must be the beer.

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