No news on my identity theft, but I’m fully warned about sex offenders in the area, thank you very much (I think)

sex offenders

Back when the Department of Revenue hacking mess broke, like everyone, I signed up for the monitoring service.

And I get alerts every few weeks telling me I should log in to my account “to view the details of this alert.”

But it seems it’s never about my credit status. It’s always a report on where all the sex offenders are in the metro area.

I continue to be puzzled at this. I don’t see what the connection is to my credit, or identity theft, or anything that I supposedly signed up for.

Maybe they just feel like they ought to be reporting something to me, since there’s no news bearing on my credit status. But why not the weather, or the latest headlines? Why sex offenders? It’s kinda weird. And it makes me wonder… what are they seeing in my credit report that makes them think this is the kind of thing I’m interested in?

4 thoughts on “No news on my identity theft, but I’m fully warned about sex offenders in the area, thank you very much (I think)

  1. Mark Stewart

    The map makes it look like West Cola missed the memo about the other Midlands municipalities red-lining sex offenders out of their jurisdictions.

    Just an aside – this sex offender registry thing has grown way out of hand. The idea that predatory offenders would be singled out has become completely lost. Now, I don’t know what the reason is other than to instill fear in the general populace and backhandedly lower the property values of surrounding neighbors. Whatever shame these convicted people are likely to feel probably reached its peak during their trials anyway; tagging many of them for life seems disproportionately punitive (and I say that as someone who would be unlikely to want to see anything other than the maximum sentence applied to these convicted predatory offenders).

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      A lot of “sex offenders” did things like be 17 with a 15 year old girlfriend. The registry should be only for those truly likely to reoffend, if at all.

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    Just got another one of those reports, and according to the email, the only thing on it is another sex offender report. So I’m not going to bother opening it.

    I still don’t see the connection between protecting my identity and these sex offender reports. The email says, “Protecting your identity is our number one priority.” So why this obsession on sex offenders? What does that have to do with your “number-one priority”?

    It just seems so random…

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