Sheheen campaign EXTREMELY EXCITED about new poll

And they can’t wait for you to celebrate with them by sending money.

I received this a few minutes ago:

BREAKING NEWS! New Poll shows race in dead heat! We’ve got to keep up the momentum and strike while the iron is hot! Help us reach our biggest fundraising goal yet! Click here to contribute >>


Have you heard the great news? A new poll shows the race between Vincent and Nikki Haley a statistical tie! We’re only a few days away from a major fundraising reporting deadline and I need you to go all in to make sure we capitalize on this momentum.

With the great response to Vincent’s first ad and now this poll, a dedicated group of donors have pledged to match every contribution, dollar-for-dollar, between now and the deadline.

We need your buy-in immediately because:

• the polls have Vincent statistically tied with Nikki Haley
• Haley’s extremist allies will stop at NOTHING to make sure she wins in November, including airing dirty and untrue ads
• the Koch Brothers have pledged to spend nearly $300 million dollars this election cycle to promote their extreme agenda, so we’ve got to be ready for anything

So will you contribute right now? We need to have the resources to fight back against any attack that comes our way, and we can only do that if you are behind us. Click here to rush your donation now >>

There’s no time to waste, and with your contribution counting for twice as much, we need you to get in the ring with us.

Please use this link so your donation is automatically matched:



Campaign Manager
Sheheen for South Carolinae 

That doesn’t fully communicate the level of their excitement, because the yellow highlighting on the first few lines didn’t stick when I copied and pasted that. But they’re pretty worked up.

Here’s a link to The State‘s story about the poll. The headline says “Poll shows SC Gov. Nikki Haley with narrow lead over challenger.” But the Sheheen people are right. They’re 3 percentage points apart with a 3.7 percent margin of error, so technically, it’s a statistical dead heat…

5 thoughts on “Sheheen campaign EXTREMELY EXCITED about new poll

  1. Silence

    Reading the State article about the poll, it seems like almost a “push poll” based on some of the questions asked. Since it was a poll commissioned by the SC Democratic party, you can believe that they wouldn’t have released the results if they hadn’t been spinnable for Sheheen. I find it interesting that despite all of the negative coverage that Haley has received in the last 4 years, (well-deserved or not) that she still has a 9 point favorability rating advantage over Sheheen.

    1. Doug Ross

      Only a minority of South Carolinians even know who Vincent Sheheen is. I bet I could stand in a parking lot of a Wal Mart in Northeast Columbia and show people a photo of Sheheen and get less than a 30% recognition rate. Sadly, I bet Haley would get somewhere around 75-85%.

      A large percentage of those who will vote for Sheheen wouldn’t be able to pick him out of a lineup.

  2. Doug Ross

    I was going to donate but decided to set my money on fire instead to save time.

    Why do you promote what are obviously partisan lies based on a phony poll?

  3. bud

    Given that this is the Democratic-leaning PPP and included all registered voters (vs likely voters) and Sheheen was still 3 points down suggests bad news for Vincent come election day.

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