Is SC the ‘most patriotic’ state?


That’s the conclusion based on this survey:

 South Carolina is the most patriotic state in the nation, a real estate research firm has found.

The ranking is based on Movoto Real Estate’s measure of the number of people who Googled for American flags. The state also has the seventh highest veterans per capita, and 16th highest funding for veterans per capita….

Seems like a rather slim criterion to me. A state could top the list if, for instance, it was ordering flags in order to burn them or something.

Nevertheless, I don’t doubt that South Carolina is at least among the most patriotic states, whatever your criteria. We have definitely come a long way on that score since that time, so very long ago that it’s hardly worth mentioning, when we, you know, launched a war — the deadliest war in the nation’s history — against the United States.


5 thoughts on “Is SC the ‘most patriotic’ state?

  1. Barry

    It’s no shock at all that California would be the least patriotic in such a measurement. I wonder where Cali ranks in Mexican flag internet searches? But Minnesota?

    I can see Michigan being cool to America’s greatness. If I have to live in Detroit or ride by and see that mess of a city, I’d be doubting a lot too.

  2. Norm Ivey

    I have a small collection of US flags, but I seldom Google for them. Instead I look at ebay. If I wanted a new flag, I’d probably start at Amazon. I’ll do better.

    We were 37th in voter turnout, so maybe we’re jaded patriots. Alaska has the most historical landmarks, which seems pretty remarkable. California at 50th overall was #2 in funding veterans. Minnesota at 49 overall was #1 in voter turnout. All 6 of the bottom states ranked in the top 10 in one of the criteria. The top 8 all ranked in the bottom 13 in one category or another.

    I’d like to see a study that measures how well informed the voting population of each state is–how well they understand issues from differing viewpoints. That would be a more convincing measure for me.

  3. Dave

    National historic landmarks per state is one of the components of this ranking. Unless they employ some correction for Civil War landmarks, South Carolina is presumably getting points as the most patriotic state for being home to Ft. Sumter and other such landmarks. Ironic.

  4. bud

    Given our propensity to consider nullification I find this little more than junk science.

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