Sheheen asks Moniz to spare us the nuclear waste, thanks

This came in earlier today from Vincent Sheheen. Make of it what you will:

Sheheen to DOE Secretary: SC Is Not A Nuclear Waste Dumping Ground
Camden, SC – Today Vincent Sheheen urged Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz to join him in preventing South Carolina from becoming a dumping ground for international nuclear waste, as the Secretary toured the Savannah River Site and visited the Aiken area.
The text of Sen. Sheheen’s letter to Secretary Moniz is pasted below.  View a PDF of the signed letter at:
July 28, 2014
The Honorable Ernest Moniz, Secretary of Energy
US Department of Energy
1000 Independence Ave. SW
Washington DC 20585
Dear Secretary Moniz,
As you will no doubt see on your visit today, South Carolina is a beautiful state, blessed with tremendous natural resources and hardworking people. We are also proud to have the Savannah River Site (SRS) in Aiken, which provides jobs in the community and does important work for our country.  But South Carolina is not a nuclear waste dumping ground.
I write today to ask you to join us in preventing German radioactive waste from being dumped in our state. We’ve been down this road before, and South Carolina won’t be fooled by promises again.
The federal government’s proposal to ship nearly 1 million highly radioactive graphite spheres from Germany to Charleston and then transport it to the Savannah River Site is deeply troubling. The proposal is unprecedented in its scope and size – and for the sake of the local families and businesses, for the sake of our state, the proposal should not move forward.
This German commercial nuclear waste was created by experimental reactors in Germany. The clean-up or storage of the radioactive by-product should be the responsibility of the German government. It’s not right for Germany or for the US federal government to throw this responsibility off to the people of South Carolina.
We know that once these highly radioactive graphite spheres are at the SRS they are going to stay here, likely forever. There is currently no disposal system at SRS – or anywhere in the United State for that matter – to handle the reprocessing of this waste. So, once it’s here, it will sit here. And sit here. And sit here.
Until we have made headway in dealing with the 37 million gallons of waste that we currently have at the SRS, we should not take on this burden from other countries. Our focus must remain on cleaning up the tanks at SRS remaining from its time producing plutonium.
These are tough issues that affect the people from Aiken to Charleston and around our state. Governor Haley refuses to speak out on this issue, but that does not mean South Carolinians support this proposal.
South Carolina is not a nuclear waste dump.  Please help us keep it that way.
Sen. Vincent Sheheen


One thought on “Sheheen asks Moniz to spare us the nuclear waste, thanks

  1. Juan Caruso

    As stated last month (June 5th), the SRS closure was a setup to help Democratich candidates. Lindsey Graham, who advised SC to sue the U.S. Government (a feckless remedy that would only enrich Lindey’s key supporters, parasitic Lawyers). BradWarthen .com prediction reference:

    A week later, a couple of black candidates PROMISED to restore SRS funding if elected. Now, in a race that is Haley’s to lose, Sheheen wants to show voters his influence with the U.S. Secretary of Energy (appointee) , Ernest Moniz. The problem is, Moniz is not making such political decisons. Valerie Jarrett apparently still does.

    Do some of you readers doubt the politic scheming involved in punishing SC? Bear in mind “the Carolinas are being targeted as destinations for South American immigrants” (refuges, gang members, disease vectors, etc.).

    Never underestimate the Machiavellian scheming of the lawyer-political network in the U.S. Lawyers use their monoply to their own advantage. What is their monopoly? Chiefly privacy (attorney-client privilege, which allows them to investigate whatever the heck they may wish, including you, under z pretense of working for anonymous clients).

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