‘A close race?’ Now, that’s what I call optimism…

This came in a few minutes ago from the Hutto campaign:


Sen. Brad Hutto


Brad Hutto is fighting hard in a close race to replace Senator Lindsey Graham, and there is some good news out of Brad’s campaign that we didn’t want you to miss.

A poll of Graham’s approval shows that more South Carolinians disapprove of how he is doing his job than approve. What’s more, Lindsey Graham never polls above 50% – this is a huge opening for Brad!

What Brad needs more than anything is our support in this race. Will you sign now to join the SCDP in telling Brad that you are behind him 100%?

It’s been a long time since South Carolina sent a Democrat to the Senate, but because of the strong campaign that Brad Hutto is running and the abysmal job that Lindsey Graham is doing, we’ve got a chance.

But it won’t happen without you! Sign now and let Brad know that you are ready to help the SCDP send him to replace Lindsey Graham this fall.

Thank you,

Kaye Koonce
1st Vice Chair, SCDP

“A close race?” Really?

Are you talking about this poll? Yeah, it has Graham under 50 percent — 49 percent, to be slightly more precise — but it has Hutto at 30 percent.

Other matchups show Graham at a minimum of 12 percentage points ahead. (The headline on that link is “Sitting S.C. senators looking solid, poll finds.”)

So how is that “close”?

11 thoughts on “‘A close race?’ Now, that’s what I call optimism…

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Just talked with Hutto’s campaign manager, Lachlan McIntosh, and he went into some of the reasons why they can make the claim in that fund-raising appeal.

    “Graham is stuck in the mid 40’s, which is where most all Democrats finish up with in SC,” he says. “The math is pretty easy here.”

    What he means by that is that even in an off-year election, without President Obama to spark interest among SC Democrats, statewide Democratic candidates often garner a share of the vote in the mid-40s. He notes that in 2010, five statewide Democratic candidates received between 43%-47% of the vote.

    That’s true — although it’s also true that three statewide Democrats that year pulled less than 40 percent (admittedly, that includes Alvin Greene).

    ASSUMING Graham is kept below 50 percent by Ravenel and the Libertarian pulling disgruntled right-wingers from him, and ASSUMING Hutto raises enough money to make himself better known, and can score in that mid-40s range, he’s in striking distance of a win.

    That’s the thinking in the Hutto camp.

    I see their point. But I think “Hutto has the potential to get within striking distance of Graham” would be more accurate than calling this “a close race.” Because as of Aug. 8, it isn’t….

  2. Juan Caruso

    Some of the more ardent conservatives with whom I discuss politics have stated they WILL definitely support Hutto because they are exhausted by Sen Graham’s liberal ties and condescending arrogance toward constituents with whom he disagrees.

    Two of their common motives boil down to distrust of the Republichan Party and getting Graham off his undeserved high horse. These people and their families vote in every election. Graham may not be quite the shoo-in he projects.

    1. Barry

      Voting for Hutto because Graham is too liberal is like eating Ice Cream because yogurt is too cold. Brad Hutto is a liberal- a proud one – and that record will be made clear to anyone that doesn’t already know it (which would be relatively few).

      There aren’t enough people that ignorant- even in South Carolina.

      Graham will win easily. He has huge money, huge support, and he’ll coast to victory.

  3. Barry

    Brad Hutto has no chance in hades of beating Lindsey Graham.

    Those that think Lindsey is too liberal will not be satisfied with a guy that is proud to be liberal.

    Brad Hutto will have to vote for Harry Reid – and South Carolina folks won’t accept that under any circumstance (with good reason – Thanks Harry for stealing our money and keeping Nuclear Waste in South Carolina).

    But as I have said many times- folks have a right to waste their money- and If Brad Hutto wants to waste his money- that’s his right.


      1. Juan Caruso

        “Ravenel’s too busy trying to debate John McCain.” – Brad
        Brad, we know your tongue was in your cheek: Ravenel is desperately grasping at any campaign PR he can attract. His debating McCain is less likely than his debating Biden would be, and SC voters should know it.

        “Voting for Hutto because Graham is too liberal is like eating Ice Cream because yogurt is too cold.” – Barry

        Agree, Barry, but unlike Graham, Hutto will not pretend to be what he is not. Integrity matters more than labels. Did Graham prevent SC being a nuclear dump? No. Has he often supported Harry Reid? Yes.
        Did he suugest SC sue the Energy Department to prevent its abandonment of the MOX facility? Yes.

        Graham’s time in office has been egregiously overstayed, in the opinions of many. Go Hutto! 2014.

        Elected lawyers (all parties) are becoming more visible for poor performances in a disproportionate number of elected and appointed offices. Hutto will feed the backlash. Ut oh Hutto! Gone in 2020.

          1. Juan Caruso

            As you well know, KF, I am aware of who the lawyers are, and have been:

            For instance (Aug 7, 2014) – Former S.C. Rep. Thad Viers was indicted on fourteen federal charges in relation to his business dealings with a shady paving contractor, The (Myrtle Beach, S.C.) Sun News

        1. Barry

          Graham has probably supported Harry Reid like I support my neighbor who is right every once in awhile.

          Graham also usually doesn’t support Harry Reid – but Hutto would have to and be required to – unless he just wants to sit and watch.

          Hutto will lose big- and that will be fun. He’s still one of the biggest DUI supporters in the state- even if he’s let up a little bit under some pressure.

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