Gov. Nikki Haley is all wet (in a good cause)

That’s not my opinion; it’s just fact. And it’s in a good cause, as she has taken the Ice Bucket Challenge to fight ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

I have a nagging worry every time I see one of these: What if the dousee suffers a heart attack? I guess that occurs to me because I’ve suffered asthma attacks from sudden drops in temperature far less dramatic than this.

But presumably, you wouldn’t agree to do this if you had a weak heart. And it’s in a very good cause — the same one that caused me to spend an evening dealing blackjack a few months back.

My son-in-law reminds me of what it’s all about:

My dear friend and personal hero, Stephen Finger, has been fighting the terrible disease known as ALS. He received the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: either video himself dumping an ice bucket on his head to raise awareness or make a donation within 24 hours. He then challenged me, as a member of Team Finger. I accepted:

That’s followed by video of him getting doused, with one of the Twins cheering him on.

The governor was also challenged by Stephen Finger. In turn, she challenged Steve Colbert. I’d like to see that…


5 thoughts on “Gov. Nikki Haley is all wet (in a good cause)

  1. Kathryn Braun Fenner

    Wouldn’t it be nice if medical research was fully funded by taxes, not gimmicks?

    1. Bart


      You have my vote on this one. There is no excuse for medical research on cancer, heart disease, and all of the other common diseases to depend on fund raisers, gimmicks, or anything else to find effective treatments and cures. This is one area where the federal government should be leading the way and providing funding without the usual political agenda used by both sides. If one wants to contribute, then let them contribute.

  2. Doug Ross

    Remember yesterday I suggested that Vincent Sheheen do this and challenge Haley. Too late. Again.

    She does come off in a very likable way.. that’s the difference between the two candidates. She just seems to have a more personality.

      1. Bart

        And that is why Haley will be re-elected unless Ervin diverts too many votes away from her. She comes across as very likable, friendly, and sincere. Sheheen seems to have the proverbial stick up his #### and a personality that makes cardboard interesting in comparison. It may not be fair, but that is the way it is.

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