I’m so sorry to hear about Anne Postic’s (ShopTart’s) Dad

I don’t know if y’all saw this, or made the connection, but our friend Anne Wolfe Postic, whom we know as The Shop Tart, lost her Dad, Rhett Oliver Wolfe, in a shocking accident at Litchfield Beach on Friday.wolfe

According to one friend, “Rhett and his wife Glenda were visiting some property that needed repair. Rhett leaned against a railing and it gave way. He fell… and apparently died instantly.” Here’s a news story about the accident.

He was only 65. Anne lost her Mom just a little over three years ago.

Here’s a link to his obituary in The State. As you can see, he was heavily involved in good works in the community.

Mr. Wolfe’s business was ADCO’s next-door neighbor on Pickens Street, but I just knew him as Anne’s and Elizabeth’s Dad. I am so terribly sorry for their loss.


11 thoughts on “I’m so sorry to hear about Anne Postic’s (ShopTart’s) Dad

  1. Motte'sMom

    A great loss and tragedy. Prayers for the family.
    Does anyone proof anymore? [aside]. Memorials to the Campaign for Cange? It’s the EvilTwin English Teacher in me.

  2. Elizabeth Wolfe

    This is nice of you to post, Brad. Thank you.
    @Motte’sMom – One of my aunts also thought I spelled it wrong and joked that she did not know of the mythical island of Cange! It’s actually a town in Haiti’s Central Plateau region that used to be a terribly impoverished squatter settlement after residents’ homes went under water when a large dam was built for hydroelectric power for businesses in Port-au-Prince. Part of its history is told in the book, “Mountains Beyond Mountains,” since Cange became ground zero for the now international organization Partners in Health. Anyway, it’s a struggling place that has been undergoing drastic changes in the last few decades, and many of these changes are for the better because of the amazing people who live there and some amazing people who have been able to help. My dad visited several times and learned a lot and helped a lot. A little more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cange,_Haiti

    1. Kathryn Braun Fenner

      You wrote that moving obituary! Kudos, especially under such particularly distressing circumstances. Good writers must run in the family.

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    I went to the memorial service this afternoon at Trinity. It was SRO. I got there just four or five minutes before the service began, and ended up standing in the vestibule with a crowd of other people that grew as others kept arriving after me. The sides and back of the sanctuary, upstairs and down, were already filled with standing people.

    It was a beautiful service, if you’ll excuse the cliche. Through her tears, Elizabeth Wolfe delivered a remembrance of her day that, through her breaking voice, managed to be simultaneously touching, laudatory and funny. I was inspired by the love on display.

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      I thought about going over to show support for the family, but I was sure it would be SRO. He was a pillar of several communities.


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