New Sheheen ad: Another attempt to get us stirred up about hacking scandal

Above is the latest Sheheen TV ad.

Here’s a release that elaborates upon it, contrasting the promptness with which credit card companies tell us when there’s been a breach, versus the two weeks it took Gov. Haley to let anyone know about the huge Department of Revenue breach.

The Sheheen campaign keeps plugging away at this, But I doubt it will catch fire with the public until someone, somewhere has actually been harmed by the hacking, and we hear about it…

3 thoughts on “New Sheheen ad: Another attempt to get us stirred up about hacking scandal

  1. Doug Ross

    A good analysis of Sheheen’s dwindling chances in the Free Times:

    Key paragraph:

    “The panelists stopped short of criticizing Sheheen, whom Winthrop University political science professor Scott Huffmon called “a great candidate” because he came so close to knocking off Haley last time. But when asked by Bierbauer what Sheheen has done in the past four years to strengthen himself as a candidate, they mostly kept silent.”

    Sheheen apparently didn’t learn anything from his loss four years ago.

  2. Barry

    His campaign is doing him a disservice. I guess they just want a paycheck.

    I’ve never heard even 1 person talk about the “hacking” issue. it was a news issue- but it’s not going to drive people to vote or not vote.

    News flash to Sheheen’s campaign – quit messing around and get serious if you want to win.


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