See how Conservation Voters scored SC lawmakers


This came in this afternoon from Rebecca Haynes with the Conservation Voters of South Carolina:

Conservation Voters,

Do you know who is voting for or against protecting the natural resources that drive South Carolina’s economy? You do now. Check out our interactive 2013-2014 Legislative Scorecard. Based on the Conservation Common Agenda’s legislative priorities for 2013-2014, we score how House and Senate members vote on bills important to the conservation community.

Before the 2013 – 2014 legislative session, CVSC convened conservation groups across the state to agree upon collective priorities for the state legislature over the next two years. Our Conservation Common Agenda included fully funding the Conservation Bank, protecting wetlands and the coastal shoreline, upholding environmental regulations, opposing out-of-state waste and removing barriers to solar energy as the top “to-dos” at the State House.

We organized meetings with elected leaders and constituents and visited editorial boards prior to session. We were at the Capitol from January to June educating legislators across party lines about our priorities and calling upon South Carolinians to communicate support of or opposition to priority bills as they moved through the legislature.

Check out which bills were scored and how your legislator faired on the “Conservation Counts Scorecard” website at

Our conservation community is already hard at work on issues that failed to move forward such as surface water withdrawals, ethics and transportation spending reforms.

Here’s the page where you can look up each individual lawmaker’s score, and here’s a graphic about the State House overall.

5 thoughts on “See how Conservation Voters scored SC lawmakers

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Yeah… and beyond giving a percentage score to each lawmaker, it’s not that helpful. Seems it would be more useful to list how each lawmaker voted on each bill or resolution of importance to the CVSC. That way, you could gauge for yourself what YOU think of the lawmaker’s record…

      I’ve seen scorecards that do that…

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        Oh, wait! They DO give you a bill-by-bill breakdown. They just do it with graphics and HTML links rather than in the usual list or grid format.

        Huh. So I see how this could be useful, if you were looking for such a handy-dandy guide.

        I shot from the hip there without looking closely enough…

  1. Norm Ivey

    I kinda like the layout. I can hover over the individual bill graphics to get the name of the bill and tell immediately whether my rep voted aye or nay. By clicking the graphic I get details on the bill which let me decided whether she made what I consider to be the right decision. Nice, but it could use a little more explanation about how it works.

    That;s a sign of the times, though. Phone apps and other resources don’t seem to give you a step-by-step any more. They kind of expect you to figure it out by poking around, which certainly makes it stick better in your head. They’re teaching me to fish rather than just giving me a fish.


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