Sheheen video hits Haley for HER ‘no comment’

The Vincent Sheheen campaign released this video today hitting Nikki Haley for not commenting on the DSS child-protection scandal.

Hey, maybe if they can get her to comment on that, then I can get a comment from Sheheen on the immigration issue? Ya think?

5 thoughts on “Sheheen video hits Haley for HER ‘no comment’

  1. Doug Ross

    1153 views of the video… that should be real influential on the election. If the Sheheen team was smart (unproven as of yet), they’d have Vincent do one of those ALS ice bucket challenges and have him challenge Haley. That would likely get more views than another hit piece.

    What does Sheheen plan to DO as Governor? The people already know what Nikki Haley has done.

  2. Brad Warthen

    84 more refugee children coming to SC. I notice that our gov has tempered her speech on the subject somewhat, while not backing down from her position.

    Hey, at least she has a position she’s willing to share. As long as I’m the only one asking — it doesn’t seem to occur to anyone who still has a job in the MSM — I guess Vincent won’t have anything to say…

    1. Barry

      He’s playing it very, very safe- and that’s not smart.

      His “campaign team” is letting him down. In other words- they are failing big time. Maybe they just want a paycheck and don’t care if he wins or not. Apparently Vincent doesn’t care either.

      You’d think he would have learned something from losing last time. But history is full of politicians that couldn’t learn from losing.

      South Carolina deserves a strong campaign – and a choice. But so far, his campaign isn’t giving South Carolina much of a choice.

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