Today’s evidence that everybody needs an editor

climate change

Bryan Caskey brought this headline to my attention, confessing that “I had no idea there were people out there who supported climate-change.”

Well, yeah. And believe me, you really do have to “spend big” if you want to effect change in an entire planet’s climate, so give that copy editor a break…

3 thoughts on “Today’s evidence that everybody needs an editor

  1. Silence

    That makes so much sense to me. He probably owns a lot of land in interior Florida or Georgia, and if he can just get the sea level to rise a few feet, it woudl become very valuable oceanfront real estate. See Zorin, Max.

    1. Juan Caruso

      I have mentioned billionaire Tom Steyer previously. He also raised money for Bill Bradley campaign (2000) and John Kerry’s (2004). An early “supporter” of Hillary Clinton, this man of strong, sensible convictions shifted his support to Obama (2012).

      Why is it very few readers here are extolling Obama’s magnificent performance any longer?

      “Silence”, you are no doubt correct regarding sea level and Steyer’s personal greed.


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