What?!? You don’t think people got THIRSTY in 1924?


ADCO‘s clients sometimes wonder why we want to make sure to have our own Brian Murrell present on photo or video shoots to direct the proceedings.

This is why. Even the best photographers and videographers, sticklers for detail, can make a mistake. It helps to have an independent (and skilled) eye overseeing the proceedings.

This mistake is painful. You know that everybody concerned strained to get every tiny detail exactly right — the costumes, the hairstyles, the fireplace, the vases, the clock.

And they almost succeeded. But then later had to remove this photo, taken with such loving care to promote the upcoming fifth season, from “Downton Abbey’s” Facebook page.

All because somebody involved was thirsty…

8 thoughts on “What?!? You don’t think people got THIRSTY in 1924?

  1. Mark Stewart

    We don’t dress for family/friends meals enough anymore. It really makes an occasion, even absent the staff.

      1. Kathryn Braun Fenner

        Professor Fenner can dress in evening clothes without assistance. Are you not able? Do you even own evening clothes, or must you hire them?

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