Another year of notices about sex offenders, I guess

Just got this notice from CSID today:

We are excited to inform you that the State of South Carolina has partnered with CSID to offer an additional year of identity theft protection to you for free. Since you’ve already enrolled, your service will automatically renew for another year through October 31, 2015, and no additional action from you is necessary. We hope you are enjoying your identity monitoring service from CSID and are taking advantage of all this service has to offer.

Any of y’all get that?

I don’t know what this means, other than I suppose I’m going to get another year of alerts about sex offenders living in the area. That’s all I’ve ever gotten from this service. You? And frankly, I don’t know what that has to do with ID security.

Here’s an odd thing that I hesitate to mention, but I found it interesting. On the CSID homepage, the focus is on a very attractive young woman of what appears to be Indian extraction. And I couldn’t help wondering if that was supposed to be some sort of subliminal nod to Nikki Haley. Or something…

No, I know it isn’t, but that did pop into my head…


12 thoughts on “Another year of notices about sex offenders, I guess

  1. Dave Crockett

    Yup. Got mine, too.

    Most of the half dozen in my area or so are for criminal sexual acts with a minor. CSID hasn’t picked up on any fraud in my name, even though some miscreant used my Amex card number to make a purchase from Microsoft. Amex assures me it will be resolved…in six to nine weeks! But they say I’m not going to be held responsible for the charge in question or interest accruing from my NOT paying that part of my bill. It took far less time for Capital One to resolve a bunch of German music purchase on my Mastercard a couple of years ago, amounting to >$1000…

    I feel so safe. :-/

  2. Silence

    Anyone else think that after Nikki’s next term, we’ll have a choice between Alan Wilson and Henry McMaster for the GOP gubernatorial candidate?

    1. Doug Ross

      McMaster will be 71 in 2018. Does SC want a governor who would be nearly 80 at the end of his second term?

      1. Silence

        Well, my money would be on Alan Wilson anyhow, but I didn’t realize that McMaster was that old. Wilson seems to be coming out of the Harrell thing looking pretty solid, and obviously he’s got the name and capacity to raise gobs of money. He’s also a pretty likeable guy, even though my interaction with him was fairly limited, he seemed very nice. Any other strong rising repubs?

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    Funny. I got mine, though I don’t recall actually signing up for their service. Maybe the perfesser did.
    We have never gotten notices of sex offenders, though. Maybe you need to move to a better neighborhood, Brad!

  4. Silence

    You can get the same sex offender alerts if you sign up for NIXLE, or if you just go to SLED’s website and check. For free, either way.

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