ISIL’s in trouble now! They got Joe Biden riled up…

Here’s what the Veep had to say on the subject today:

“The American people are so much stronger, so much more resolved than any enemy can fully understand,” Biden said. “As a nation we are united and when people harm Americans we don’t retreat, we don’t forget. We take care of those who are grieving and when that’s finished, they should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice because hell is where they will reside.”…

Meanwhile, POTUS is talking tougher. Perhaps in response to such critics as Lindsey Graham — who say if he can’t set out a strategy, at least he should be able to state a goal — he has now said that the nation’s goal is to “degrade and destroy” the jihadist army.

Tough talk — and encouraging to hear — but Joe’s “gates of hell” locution seems more likely to grab the public imagination…

8 thoughts on “ISIL’s in trouble now! They got Joe Biden riled up…

    1. Juan Caruso

      Let’s review some announced Obama strategies:

      Leading from behind (who’s)?

      Don’t do stupid (undefined)!

      “degrade and destroy” the jihadist army (lip wagging does not confront beheading).

      If the American people are not clear on Obama’s military policy, especially on his protracted delays in action, who really expects ISIS, ISIl, or any jihadist army to take him seriously? ANSWER: Idealists and wishful thinkers who never served in combat.

  1. Doug Ross

    All talk, no action.. at what point does Obama tell Joe he’s never going to be president? Imagine the uproar if Biden ran and Obama didn’t support him?

    1. Juan Caruso

      DR, you do realize the purpose Biden serves in this administration, right. When Obama’s term ends, Biden becomes as useless as a political lapidary. Look out, U.N.

  2. Doug Ross

    Could Obama’s problem be that he considers events with the mind of a law professor? Trying to formulate hypothetical alternatives and “what ifs” and loopholes instead of just deciding on a course of action and proceeding in that direction? That’s how we ended up with Obamacare…

    1. Bryan Caskey

      I don’t think that’s it. This President had no problems getting all ready to bomb Syria and Libya. The President can’t explain why it was fine and dandy to bomb things in those to countries while saying the opposite about Iraq.

      With Iraq he’s ideologically wedded to the vague idea that military action there is Very Bad. So he’s talking about “degrading” ISIS until it’s “manageable”. Manageable? Are you kidding me?

      You want to talk about how politicians are wedded to ideologies in the face of all facts and evidence that point to the contrary? This President is Exhibit A.


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