Did you see last night’s debate? I missed it…

I was traveling back from Memphis and missed last night’s gubernatorial debate. I do have these two releases from the SC Democratic and Republican parties. But somehow, I don’t think I’m getting the full story.

First, the Democrats:

Harrison: Sheheen Clear Winner of Debate As Haley Caught in Multiple Lies

Charleston, SC — SCDP Chairman Jaime Harrison released this statement following tonight’s first gubernatorial debate in Charleston:

“Sen. Sheheen was the clear winner of tonight’s debate. Vincent Sheheen made a compelling case for his plan to bring honest leadership and real accountability to South Carolina. Nikki Haley got caught in multiple lies about her jobs numbers, her record of repeatedly violating our ethics laws, and her failure to lead on roads, education, and helping hardworking families. There is a clear choice this November, and Vincent Sheheen is the only choice for South Carolinians who want a governor they can trust.”


Now, the Republicans:

Press Release: SCGOP Chair Moore congratulates Governor Haley on Debate Victory

North Charleston, S.C. – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Matt Moore issued the following statement tonight following Governor Haley’s gubernatorial debate victory:

“Tonight’s debate was a resounding victory for Governor Nikki Haley. Governor Haley is the only candidate with a clear, conservative record of results and a positive vision for South Carolina,” said SCGOP Chairman Matt Moore. “Vincent Sheheen’s mud-slinging debate performance, coupled with his full-on embrace of President Obama’s failed policies, shows why his campaign is failing and he’s the wrong choice for South Carolina.”


Reading stuff like that is SO dispiriting. Makes me depressed about the whole process, and glad that I missed the debate, if it was anything like those descriptions.

It also reminds me of why I wanted to switch from news to editorial years ago. The “objective news” model holds that if someone tells you the sky is white, you dutifully write that down and then run to somebody else who tells you the sky is black, and you write that down carefully. Then you write a story that reads like this:

Joe Blow today said the sky is white. However, John Jones insisted that it is black.

And you dust your hands and congratulate yourself for having written a balanced story. Trouble is, you haven’t told your readers the truth about the sky, which you can see for yourself. Opinion writing allows you to say that the sky is, indeed, blue.

So how about it? Any opinions about last night’s debate?

17 thoughts on “Did you see last night’s debate? I missed it…

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Finally found the embed code for the debate. I can’t watch it right now, in the middle of the workday. But it’s there for y’all if you missed it last night…

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Just glanced at the beginning. They just let anybody who wanted to debate participate, didn’t they? Maybe we should have offered them an UnParty candidate…

  2. Harry Harris

    Seen it. The minor candidates were a real distraction. The marijuana/football guy is an embarrassment. The Libertarian was predictable but polite. Irvin just throws out bumper-sticker disjointed zingers. Sheheen made some good points, but didn’t make his points deep enough to take effect (maybe time constrained). He needs to get the Medicaid situation clearly and strongly stated. Made the points brought out in the State NP reporting and Irvin’s paper on announced vs delivered jobs, but didn’t point out that SC largely mirrors national trends. Failed to refute her bogus union and trial-lawyer quips. Haley stuck largely to her script and talking points. Maybe a 1 on 1 debate will be better.

    1. Bryan Caskey

      “The marijuana/football guy is an embarrassment.”

      I want to hear more about this guy. He’s for marijuana, I assume. What’s the football part of his platform? Is he against football? If so, I’m sure he has Brad’s vote. 🙂

        1. Juan Caruso

          “They just… decided not to do that anymore…” – Brad

          i can guess Whitita States’s decision was much more than capricious, Brad. One way or another economics must have guided their final decision.

          Harvard, the university with one of the nation’s top B-schools, may eventually sell out to today’s bogus political correctness e.g. (the illegitimacy of : male-only sports; all competitiveness; and the value of business disciplines to every enterprise including government). Not only would this gesture to socialism backfire on Harvard, will turn a corner on America’s greatness and actual defense preparedness.

          1. Kathryn Fenner

            Harvard actually has student athletes–you have to be admitted as a student and THEN you try out for the team. The football players look quite average. I would never have mistaken them for the, um, student athletes at USC.

            The University of Chicago has no football team.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I don’t think that has to do with being pro-business. Who isn’t pro-business? Sheheen’s pro-business. Ervin’s pro-business.

      What’s going on there is that Nikki is trying to counter the common argument that the flag is bad for economic development, by saying none of the prospects SHE talks to mention it.

      Of course, I imagine that a CEO who had problems with moving his business to a state that flies the Confederate flag probably wouldn’t get to the point of talking with the governor. He or she just wouldn’t pursue things that far.

      Also, the flag would just be part of the picture for the business that isn’t interested in SC to start with. It’s part and parcel with being a state that doesn’t want to invest in education and infrastructure enough to create the kind of workforce and environment that would cause the company’s executives to want to uproot their lives and come live here. It’s evidence of our screwed-up priorities…

      1. Doug Ross

        So what’s Sheheen doing THIS week to further the cause of removing the flag? He wouldn’t have used that issue just to get some free media attention would he? Please tell me he is serious about this to the point of actually DOING something…

  3. Bart

    Didn’t watch the debate, why waste the time when I already know where the 3 principal participants stand on the issues except for Irvin. For him, all that is needed is access to a bumper sticker website and you can find his agenda with relative ease.

    What is interesting is the photo of the participants. On one end is the governor, a first generation female Sikh Indian, in the middle 3 white guys with deep roots in the good ol’ boy tradition, and on the other end, one black guy. That would have been an unlikely group of candidates for the governor’s office 25 years ago in South Carolina.

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