Video and text on the Ervin endorsement of Sheheen – Columbia, South Carolina |

In case you wanted some more info on the Tom Ervin endorsement of Vincent Sheheen yesterday… above is some unedited video of the announcement, and below are Ervin’s prepared remarks:


 GREENVILLE, S.C. — Remarks from press conference on Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014.

Remarks from Tom Ervin:

My campaign for governor was based on two core principles: one, that we deserve a new governor we can trust and two, our challenges are bigger than political parties and partisan politics.

I promised my supporters I would have an impact on this race.

Today, I suspended my campaign. I’m pleased to stand here and remain true to our principles while endorsing Senator Vincent Sheheen as the next Governor of South Carolina.

Why Senator Sheheen over Governor Haley? Simple. It comes down to three issues: 1) Gov. Haley’s ethics 2) domestic violence, and 3)  DSS.

It’s these three issues that led me to Support Sheheen.

I know some of my supporters will be disappointed about my decision today, but I encourage you to consider supporting Senator Sheheen. Vincent provides our state with direction with transparency, competence and compassion. Three things we so desperately need in the Governor’s office.

This is one of the most important elections in my lifetime. That’s why I believe it was necessary to put aside my personal ambitions for the greater good of the state I love so much. Today I am endorsing Sen. Sheheen so that our state can receive the leadership we deserve on ethics, domestic violence and DSS.

Thanks for your support and please consider supporting Senator Sheheen. It’s time to fill the leadership void in the Governor’s office, and Senator Sheheen is the person to do it.

2 thoughts on “Video and text on the Ervin endorsement of Sheheen

  1. Juan Caruso

    Brad, you once asked the leading question, which I did not hesitate to answer, who will Ervin’s candicacy hurt. pbviously, I was correct: Sheheen’s.

    Far worse however is the harm “independent candidate” Ervin has done to his own jurist legacy – dishonesty!

    There is only one one that the honesty deficit can possibly be overcome before Ervin dies — Sheheen (the “get-it-done” (holding my nose) would have promised Ervin Jean Toal’s spot on SC’s Supreme Court. Join the line judge Ervin, behind Alvin Greene.

    Just another of my humble but amazingly accurate predictions. Sheheen still will not win because Ervin’s candidacy has drawn too many lawyers from his support until too it was late. (Can we say desperate?)

    Ervin allegedy spent $3 million of his personal funds on his own campaign (wealthy judges are less than inspiring to the masses). In the unlikely event Sheheen wins, i can hardly wait for the public outcry when Sheheen tries to have Ervin appoint ed to fill incapacitated Toal’s open seat. Don’t believe me yet? Watch!

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