Are yard signs gone yet in your neighborhood?

The morning after the election, a black sedan was stopped on my street. A man got out and removed a campaign yard sign from the yard of one of my neighbors, got back into the car and drove on toward the next one. I didn’t recognize the guy, couldn’t see whose sign it was and couldn’t remember having noticed it before.

But I was impressed with this one campaign’s diligence in cleaning up post-campaign clutter.

Beth Bernstein reminds me that the process of cleanup continues:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

A necessary evil of campaigning is the proliferation of campaign signs, and I really appreciate those who agreed to put a yard sign in their yard.  The day after the election, my family and I worked diligently to collect as many yard signs as possible.  Although we collected around 300 signs, I am sure we still have some out there.  If you have a sign that needs to be picked up, please let me know.

The last of my billboard signs was picked up yesterday. Unfortunately, it was more labor intensive to collect those so it took a little longer to coordinate that effort.

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving you and our community in the Legislature!

Warm regards,

So, are all the signs gone in your neighborhood?

3 thoughts on “Are yard signs gone yet in your neighborhood?

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    There are still quite a few on Gervais, east of Millwood. The really big ones seem to get left more often, possibly because they are not usually on someone’s lawn.

  2. Norm Ivey

    I once read about someplace where the major parties offered bounties on campaign signs. They’d all be gone the day after the election if they did that around here.

  3. Mike Cakora

    All the signs in our part of the Forest Acres’ ‘hood are gone. I collected some because they make great target holders for firearms’ practice. The best part is that depending on the sign, one can have great fun shooting at a sign belonging to someone you voted against. When it gets a bit “Swiss cheesy,” you can tape a regular target over it and shoot for accuracy.

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