Important business tip: Know your market


I had to stop and get a picture of this when I was driving down St. Andrews today.

First I saw the vegan sign, and wondered how that business was faring, and whether it was doing better as that than as a Mexican place (going by the facade), then I saw what it was becoming. And let’s just say I was not shocked.

Know your market.

When I was driving back after visiting the thing that has replaced Barnes and Noble on Harbison, and I saw this sign again, I experienced a moment of identification: There was probably someone who really dug having this vegan restaurant here, and hated to see it go. And seeing that it would be replaced by yet another sports bar, he or she must have thought, “Like we need another one of these.” Just like the way I felt at the former B&N

One thought on “Important business tip: Know your market

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    I think vegan cafes around here have tight budgets, and tend to choose very cheap locations. There is one on North Main in similar location. I guess they figure their customers view them as a destination. I bet this one was done in more by the opening of the place on Main Street near the Nickolodeon and/or by the reason most restaurants fail: poor cost control, than by its location.


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