Now it can be told: A normal day in the life of a cat

Ain’t technology wonderful?

I post this for Cindi Scoppe and my other friends who love cats. Just to set them straight. Maybe they’ll learn.

Some may claim this was trick photography, but my son who actually owns cats informs me that “This is fairly accurate.”

27 thoughts on “Now it can be told: A normal day in the life of a cat

  1. Silence

    Could the City of Columbia & Richland County not find anything better to spend $140,000 and $100,000 of public money on besides a New Year’s Eve party? Have we solved all of our other problems?
    Why won’t Sam Johnson disclose the private donors and amounts contributed that make up $190,500 of the event’s budget? What are the organizers hiding?

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      I agree. I am not at all sure of the “multiplier” benefits touted, and it smacks of bread and circuses government.
      But nobody in charge cares what we think, Silence….by you could change that, if you know what I mean…

        1. Kathryn Fenner

          Yeah, a freebie in the VIP lounge, from West Columbia. Just one reason why we had to kick in more money last year…

        2. Kathryn Fenner

          I think Main Street is doing fine, and we already have the ice rink, which attracts the kind of people I’d like to see consider moving into town…

        3. Doug Ross

          “Promote downtown Columbia” to whom? How many of the people who attend don’t know about downtown Columbia?

          I’m more of a Beer Fest guy… I don’t think it gets city money.. I hope it doesn’t, anyway, based on the ticket price ($40). That event in a couple weeks attracts thousands.

        4. Doug Ross

          The “comp” list should be public information. If it’s such a great party, why not pay for it?

    2. Doug Ross

      A quarter million dollars spent on one night… some vendors will do well. Some well-connected people who get comped tickets to the VIP tent will enjoy the evening for free as they look down on the little people. It’s the Democrat way – spend other people’s money to have a good time.

      1. Doug Ross

        I wonder if the police will keep the homeless people out who try to sleep on the streets where the quarter million dollars will be spent? Wouldn’t want those losers to spoil a good time.

            1. Doug Ross

              Based on my volunteer work at First Baptist Church meals on Saturday, bad choices or mental illness are the key to homelessness. I’ve had conversations with numerous people on the streets. Few people are forced to pick up the crack pipe the first time. Dropping out of school is also not a wise idea if your parents aren’t rich. And then you meet the people who are trying hard to escape and “luckily” breaks come there way. It’s funny how that works.

      2. Silence

        Actually, it’s closer to a half million dollars spent on one night, once the final tally comes in and the city picks up the tab for the overage.
        The VIP “tent” is actually an indoor lounge in the lobby of the BB&T building, and it’s very exclusive, limited to only 800 people who cough up $125 each. Hurry, because only 240 tickets are still available. You too can eat a catered snack of heavy Hors d’oeuvres served at one of SIX food stations! Rub shoulders with Cola-Town’s finest! Win friends, influence people! Politicians, captains of industry, university administrators, ball-coaches and the rest!

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          Those of us upstairs at the Cap City Club last year thought the “VIPs” were just adorable, down there in their cute little ground-floor party…

  2. Bart

    What happened to the discussion about the life of a cat? That is far more interesting than the other topic.

    Maybe this explains what happened to our cat Stretch who has been with us for 9 years. He was half tame and half feral. Maybe the feral side took over and he is out on a crime spree in the neighborhood. A neighbor did tell us today that he thinks he spotted Stretch hanging with some other cats around the neighborhood who have questionable reputations.

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    Day in the life on my Weim bitch: Wake up humans. Dance until they feed you. Nap. Wake up when the lady gets up and puts on her walking clothes. Dance and whine. Walkies!! Got to get there first! Come home. Make sure the lady didn’t forget to feed you. Nap. Beg for salad trimmings and salad bowl. Nap. Go batshit at the mail carrier. Nap. Dance for supper. Nap. Dance for toothbrush time and biscuit. Sleep.

  4. scout

    Ha Ha Ha, very funny! harumph.

    Actually I would love to have a camera or a gps chip on my kitty – her name is Sadie – the one in the picture – to see what she does all day. But she is 14 and right now it mostly is sleep. She has a cat door and freedom to roam during the day. We have seen coyotes so she is locked in at night. Every now and then she stalks a critter and brings it into the house and lets it escape. That is always fun. Lately she has been bullied by neighborhood cats more often and is choosing to stay inside which she never would have willingly done before. She is just an old girl. She enjoys poking me in the face with her paw at 6:30 am on weekends and holidays. Occasionally she plays with a ball. If the weather is bad and she has gone out the cat door to the back yard only to return immediately, she will then cry to be let out the front door. Apparently the weather might be different out the front door. As a general rule, having a human open the door for you is preferable to going through the cat door, which seems to be like passing through a different and very unpleasant dimension – took her a long time to accept her head was not actually merging with the wall. But mostly she just rotates between her favorite sleeping spots. She is a good girl.

  5. Cindi Scoppe

    If you’re going to try to scare people into thinking cats are horrible, you should at least use something real, like, say, this:

    But if you want to get the context correct — you know, how a cat was killed as a result of it defending itself against an attack from a vicious human — you might want to look at the British take on the same video:

  6. Bill

    “All cats are libertarians. Completely dependent on others but fully convinced of their own independence.”

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