The 6,000-word, apparently random spam poem

helen and paris

Helen’s world/Sea son, that night you at virtuous make to admire/Disappear aforetime light in/Light subtle fragrance


Spam is getting more creative all the time.

Today, waiting among the pending comments in the bowels of this blog, hoping for approval, was an opus the like of which I have not seen before. It’s a 6,046-word random poem, which actually at times verges on the beautiful, or at least the evocative.

An excerpt:

Destine a meeting by chance of beauty
The stone stairs of Mount Taishan
The passing years
The passing years, at etc. whose mutually Ru with Mo
The quicksand will also stop
Wander about a person
Wander about an animal
Flow breeze to recall¡«to the min
Zhejiang on the seventh-study
Wave Tao sand ¡¤the greatly clear lake feeling keep in mind
Bathe fire rebirth
Helen’s world
Sea son, that night you at virtuous make to admire
Disappear aforetime light in
Light subtle fragrance
The light day floats joss-stick
Light deep feeling
Light handwriting, very sweet sadness
Dead hour with think
Deep autumn, the dance of end treads
Pure clear seasonal changes rain is in succession
In the morning affairs
Pure song
Clear water she
Very pure tears
Pleasant breeze from come to spend proper open
Visit zoo in Guangzhou
Visit a river the beam son lake scenic area is for summer
The somniloquy of the river
Billowing world of mortals, our everybody is the trip person who drifts on water all the way
A full sky of snowflakes that see float to spread again
The time in the driftage bottle
The Xiao Xiao rain Xie
Under the hot sun of lotus pond
The smoke flower is easily cold, heart as well such
Cook a pot of heart for month, Chi one a life time the passing years
Sleep soundly

If you’d like to read the whole thing, I found it on this odd, possibly-randomly generated page, the purpose of which I can’t discern. Scroll down to this line — “101.The life is shallow to talk-return to Mou things of the past(is original)” — and the entire thing follows.

Keep it up, spammers, and I just might take the time to read them. But I won’t approve them…

2 thoughts on “The 6,000-word, apparently random spam poem

  1. Mike Cakora

    I did a web search of a couple of the unusual phrases, such as “The afar is a home town”, and it’s apparent that the creep’s been busy for several months posting this on various web guestbooks, school assignment feedback sites, and wherever else s/he could.

    That’s the downside of the Internet: trolls, hooligans, and other jerks of all sorts litter the web as badly as others litter our roadways.

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